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Cambrian Ridge on RTJ golf trail

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Anyone here ever play it? heading there this weekend and would like to hear some experiences. Thanks!


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    • What course would you play for free the rest of your life?
      By Patch · Posted
      You are probably right, but I would answer the OP  the same way. Just a first impression when I first read it. If I could play Spyglass for free, I'd move there, and only play it. Well, maybe sneak a few rounds in on Pebble, and some of the fine courses in that area every once in awhile. . 
    • The Pope ... share your thoughts.
      By Gator Hazard · Posted
      Agreed, it was an over exaggeration to make a point even if some of their rules are still in that era (no female priests, priests not allowed to marry).
    • Gun Laws
      By Gator Hazard · Posted
      There are a number of factors involved in that.  I went to a Catholic School and got into several fights protecting myself. My parents were called in one day and told "we teach the children to follow the examples of Jesus. Jesus turned the other cheek", my father laughed and quickly replied that I was not Jesus and if someone hit me I was going to hit them back.  Over the years they were called in for a number of these types of conversations.  In the 8th grade I was told that if I was in one more fight I was out whether I started it or not.  I never, ever started fights, I got picked on but wouldn't always take it and often times would fight back.  In 5th or 6th grade I got in a fist fight with one of my friends on the playground, after it was done and we had to spend the next week sitting on the lunch tables during recess we became even better friends.  We car pooled in the mornings, extremely awkward getting into the car with the mom of the person you gave a black eye. High school was different however, and that is when even at a private school punk kids were becoming cowards and would have guns.  I knew a kid who was 16 years old that had a 9mm that his father gave him, his parents were successful business owners living the upper upper middle class dream.  I never understood that but was at a few parties where guns were involved, one time there were shots fired.  Twice in my life when I was around 18 I was involved in situations.  I was about to get in a fight with what happened to be two guys in a car after a traffic incident that escalated rapidly (think they were stoned and they were just sitting at the green light for like, ages when I beeped my horn at them). They threatened me and being young and stupid I said that I accepted their offer to pull over.  Passenger got out of car and came at me fast, driver went to trunk, opened trunk and was digging in it for (what I am going to presume was a gun).  I walked into the place I was at and left my car and everything, I was not going to be shot for pride's sake when they felt they needed a gun.  Same thing happened at a party, some punk cholo dude didn't like one of my friends for reasons unknown to me and had his guys surround me.  Said lets go around the corner and fight and I told him I would be happy too but I know you are too much of a coward to do it on your own (surprised I didn't get jumped right there but he did go to his car to get a gun as was communicated to me) and somehow found a way to walk between two of the 10 or so dudes surrounding me.  Can you imagine that?  A guy I don't even know, that doesn't even know me was going to go get a gun and at a minimum was going to threaten me with it if not take a few shots for standing next too and talking to some guy he didn't like.   Fighting isn't worth it, I have not been in a fight since around that age and I am proud of that fact.  Scary thing is nowadays you get in a fist fight, win, and the loser comes back and shoots you for the embarrassment of beating them in a fist fight.  Kids are getting shot for far less things than that.  I feel bad for our kids.  
    • 5 Gallon Bucket of Water on the 1st and 10th Hole
      By Patch · Posted
      It's better than a towel. http://www.mrclean.com/en-us/shop-products/magic-erasers?&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=magic eraser&utm_campaign=Mr.+Clean_Search_Category+Product_Magic+Eraser&utm_content=sm9x7a6le|dc_84223264029_e_magic eraser&gclid=CPTj6I3HtcgCFQEMaQodVt4F4Q
    • TST's New IPS Forum - Post Your Bugs, Etc.
      By iacas · Posted
      Site search was definitely a bit of a downgrade, yes. I haven't looked a lot yet but even things like being able to specify searching titles only would be nice, and I'm surprised it's not there. Maybe it is but hidden with stuff like "title:ping AND G30" or something like that. Which would still be lame…
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