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Ping WRX Question

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I have a Redwood Anser putter that I would like to have the Star Shot finish applied to. Do you sent it directly to Ping or do you need to go through a third party? Is WRX a division of the Ping repair department? Thanks -

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You can contact PING about it or go through Morton Golf

PING Wrx takes customization to the extreme, offering you the opportunity to design a one-of-a-kind putter that will allow you to get the maximum performance from your putter.  Morton Golf Sales is proud to specialize in PING Wrx orders.  We have created dozens of putters for our valued customers and we look forward to working one-on-one with you to design the ultimate putter for your game.

How does PING Wrx work?
To order a custom PING Wrx putter through our website, simply add the desired putter to your shopping cart and then add the PING Wrx options that you would like to include as well.  All items are priced separate for your convenience.  We have included pictures whenever possible to show you what each option will look like on the sample putter.  Have questions about an option or what you can or can't add?  Don't hesitate to send us an email (Click HERE ) or give us a call toll free at 888-988-3673 (International callers, please dial: 916-808-0977).  We are definitely here to help!  All PING Wrx putter work is performed by true putter design masters at PING in their PING Wrx workshop.

What options are available?
Your custom PING Wrx putter can be designed in many different ways and we have had our customers design some very amazing putter works of art!  Here are a few options for you to consider when putting together your own spectacular creation:

  • Tungsten Inserts - Adding tungsten inserts will achieve a heavier weighted putter .  A heavier putter head will track better and it will maintain its momentum better than a lighter head.  Available in various weight options (340g, 350g, etc.)  Please note that the look of the tungsten inserts varies slightly on the PING Redwood series putters (see photos on our Tungsten Inserts listing).
  • Custom Paintfill - Do you want to set your putter off from everyone else without spending a lot of money?  Consider adding a custom paintfill.  There are 9 color options available.
  • Sound Slot (also called " Floating Face " or " Beaching " ) - A sound slot typically enhances the sound of the putter and ball connecting (somewhat like a resonating device). If you like a putter with a louder sound, then this is a good option for you.  For those who like a quieter sound at impact, we would suggest that you do not add the sound slot. (Please note that adding a sound slot removes 10g from the headweight).
  • Unique Finishes - There are a variety of finishes that you can add to PING putters, although not all finishes are available on all putters.  Examples:
    • Star Shot Finish - This finish features a reduced glare. Available on the Redwood model only.
    • Antique Finish - When your new putter arrives with this finish, it will look like it already has its patina.  Available ONLY on the Manganese Bronze putters
    • Guyson Finish - This is the standard finish on the Karsten series putters.  This finish is a little darker (more charcoal in color and more uniform around the entire putter head).  Available ONLY on stainless steel models.
  • Custom Sightline or Sightdot - Want dual sightlines or do you want to remove the standard sightline and add a sightdot?  The PING Wrx Department can easily fulfill this request for you.
  • Machined Face (also called a Milled Face ) - This option turns the face into an exact flat surface.  It is more precise than a cast head without milling.
  • Engraving - The ultimate step in customizing your PING putter.  Have your name etched in block or script lettering.  (Offered in one row with up to 13 characters)
  • iWi Weight Change - Replace the 12 gram weight with 20 or 28 gram weights.  Available ONLY on the iWi putters.
  • Custom Grips - PING can certainly add a custom grip to your new PING Wrx putter.  The Blackout grip is a very popular grip choice, although we list several to choose from.  If you don't see the one you want, contact us and we will be happy to check the availability and cost for you.
  • Custom Shafts: PING features a custom UST Frequency Filter shaft that can be added to your putter for an additional charge.  If you prefer a different putter shaft, just let us know and we'll research the availability.
  • Let Your Mind Wander: What would you like to add to your custom putter that we haven't listed?  Want a thicker putter face?  Thinking about changing the hosel on your putter?  Click HERE to contact us for quotes on these options or perhaps you have a brand new idea that we haven't considered.  We'd love to hear it!

How do I order?
Ordering is easy.  Simply add the putter you want to your shopping cart and then browse our PING Wrx section to add additional options to your new custom PING putter.  All PING Wrx options are priced separate to allow you to easily determine the costs for each option.  Once you place your order, our order department will review your order and ensure that everything can be done before we charge your credit card.  You can also contact us toll free at 888-988-FORE (3763) (International callers, please call 916-808-0977) and our customer service department can answer any of your questions and help build your putter for you.  Please remember that all putter orders are subject to review and not all options can be performed on all PING putters.  We will work closely with you and the PING Wrx department for your unique putter creation and keep you informed on every step of the process.

How long does my custom PING Wrx putter take to ship?
All PING Wrx putters are built directly at the PING Wrx department.  Putters are usually built and shipped approximately 4 weeks after the final order is placed.

Help!  I still have questions.
We look forward to answering all of your questions to ensure you get your perfect putter.  Send us an email (Click HERE ) or give us a call toll free at 888-988-3673 (International callers, please dial: 916-808-0977)  We want to help!


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