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Tips for getting weight onto front foot?

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Not sure if this should be in swing area, but it wasn't a video so Ill post here. I'm just getting back into golfing after a couple years off, and my main problem is getting weight forward. I hit my driver and irons well, but finish with a lot of weight on my back foot. My friend (who is our course champ) wants me to get my weight forward and belt buckle facing the flag. Also they mentioned that I try to help the ball into the air when 60 or so yards out and chipping. Hoping for tips and drills to help those out, ill try getting a swing video soon! Thanks

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There are some great drills here:

Look for key#2 videos. I good starting point is to practice hitting balls with your trail foot banked up on it's instep, you can place a golf ball under the outside of you trail foot to help with this. Once you get a feel for hitting balls like this, start with your foot flat and try to recreate the same feel at impact.

I would also recommend posting some video, as you may have other issues that are impeding a good weight shift but we won't know until we see your motion.

Check this out for info on how to start a "My Swing" thread.




Make sure you read the rules carefully and pay extra attention to the instruction for camera placement as it is a very critical aspect of good video analysis.

Good luck and welcome to The Sand Trap.


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Alright awesome, ill have to give that a try. And thanks for the video info, probably would have posted it all wrong haha!

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