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Playing again and did I buy the right new driver

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The last two years saw me playing a lot less than the few years before, but thats changing this year!  I've played a few rounds already and also joined a Thursday night league.  My goal for the season is to play at least 6 times a month with 4 or more range sessions.  Since I'm going to be playing much more often I decided to buy a new driver (I'm a club ho at heart), but first a bit about me…

I'm currently hitting a 10.5° Ping G10 with the stock stiff shaft. My ball flight is a fade that, way too often, turns into a slice. My average distance so far this year has gone down from the years prior and I'm only getting a smidge over 200 yards.

So I hit the PGA Superstore near me and went through a fitting…

Club Head Speed: 95 MPH

Launch Angle: 10(ish)°

Spin Rate: 3879

Flight: Dead Straight/Baby Fade

I only ended up trying the following drivers based on the recommendation of the fitter guy: TaylorMade SLDR, TaylorMade JetSpeed, Callaway X2 Hot.  The X2 wasn't for me and it was immediately apparent so let's remove that and here was the TM results:

  • SLDR - I carried this longer than the JetSpeed, but pulled almost every shot left & spin was significantly more than the JetSpeed
  • JetSpeed - Carry was shorter, but including rollout the shot was longer.  Pattern was tighter and down the middle and spin was significantly less

So walking out of the store here is what I ended up with and the average stats

TaylorMade 10.5° JetSpeed w/ Stock Stiff Shaft

Club Head Speed: 95 MPH

Ball Speed: 134 MPH

Launch Angle: 11.9°

Spin Rate: 2111

Total Distance: 230-240 average

So I was super happy with the outcome (greater distance, tight dispersion, down the middle, and I got a free fairway wood), but I have a few nagging questions

  • Why was every shot going down the middle (except for like 1 shot every 10)?  Thats not my usual ball flight so was it a 'good day' or is there some trickery/faulty sensor stuff going on?
  • Should I have tried some other drivers (any recommendations)?
  • Based on my swing profile should we have explored some other shafts (any recommendations)? (We didn't try anything other then the standard regular flex and stiff shafts)
  • We didn't really play with the weights, shaft, or anything on the SLDR -- Did we count it out to early?

Sorry for the novel everyone.  I'm just super excited to be golfing again and wanted to give as much info as possible.


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Yeah a lot of in store launch monitors are very forgiving and give you a bit of a distance boost. I played on a simulator and the software actually had a "boost" feature which affected the distance readouts. It had a scale of -10 to +10 (which I assume is a percentage of total distance, but could very well be an arbitrary scale). Standard setting was a +7 but I actually had to go down to -4 or 5 to getting my yardages reasonably normal. I hit more than one shot that read zero sidespin so I knew I gives a little directional help as well.


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The Jetspeed is a good choice. You can mess around with different shafts, but I doubt you would notice too much difference. A single digit handicapper might have a consistent swing that would benefit from more optimization, but don't second guess yourself on this purchase. Besides , this will probably not be the last driver you will ever buy.

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    • Are expensive drivers worth it?
      By ghalfaire · Posted
      I believe the two most important clubs in the bag are the driver and putter.  Without those two "working" it is difficult to score well.  Having said that I don't equate money and performance as equals.  You need to find a driver that suits you and as WU Tiger suggests one way is to "get fitted" by a pro.  In my case I go the Golf Expos in the area and try out a lot of different clubs and some manufactures will "fit you for free (their equipment only).  So I do believe the driver is an important club that requires special attention, but don't think spending big bucks on one will ensure your driving performance.  I got mine out of a used club bin at a local shop that let me "rent" if for a round before I bought.  
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      Trivia question: what is the largest possible margin of victory in 18 hole matchplay? Without adjustments it is, of course 10 and 8. 
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      What I would suggest on how to "train" yourself to hit full shots less that 100% is to start with your wedges.  Since, on the course you have to hit those shots anyways, you might as well start there,  If you hit your 60 90yds on a full swing, you really have to practice hitting it 85, 80, 75.  Pay attention to what those swings feel like. https://youtu.be/iGSN3I3Lfzg is a good video on 1/2 and 3/4 swings.     Once you can train yourself to control those distances, you should feel the rhythm and tempo.  From there it is just applying that same rhythm to full swings throughout the bag.  Basically, the drill is that you can't swing 100% to hit it 50% or 75% distance.  Its less about "controlling" your swing and more about feeling the rhythm of the swing.  
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      No of course gambling isn't necessary to enjoy golf.  But I do for stakes that won't change my financial status whether I win or lose, just bragging rights, lunch and/or a beer, or even cash money at times.  But I don't have a problem with either folks that don't gamble or folks that do.  
    • 2 years till tour
      By Nosevi · Posted
      Probably slim but who knows? If it was easy everyone would do it. I'm trying to do it from a 5 handicap, in 5 years, full time, coached at the National Academy, practising regularly with guys already on tour and with all the kit I can throw at it like my own swing studio with launch monitor, high speed cameras, etc. My chances are 'slim' but there's every possibility Tom is a darn sight more talented than me. Tom, give it your best shot. Whether you make it or not, you'll regret not giving it a go if that's what you want to do. Where abouts are you based? If you're within a day trip to Lincolnshire and would like a day on the launch monitor some time let me know. The guys I practice with who play on tour (or top level International Amateur circuit in one case) use it so I have all their data to compare how you strike the ball compared to the guys who are where you want to get to. Without knowing how good you need to get it's pretty tough to know how far you have to go - you need targets to work towards. I also practice on the course and around the practice green with them for the same reason. Regarding Lihu's question, where are you now? Handicap? (Actually care least about this due to the way our handicaps work) Driving numbers ie launch monitor measured carry, spin, etc? How do you strike your irons (ie actual data rather than a guess)? 2 years is a massively short period of time unless you have good indoor facilities to use given the winter is about to set in. My guestimate would be you'd be needing to strike the ball about on par with one of the scratch players who uses my swing studio and launch monitor to be in with a shot at getting your long game up to close to the sort of standard I see out of the tour guys. Give me a shout via PM if you want to, I'm one year in to a 5 year programme so could maybe help you avoid some pit falls and blind alleys.
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