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Speedblade Lie Adjustments

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I asked Golfer's Warehouse about making lie adjustments to my Speedbalde irons and they said their device could do it but these clubs are cast so they could potentially break and the device will scratch the brushed metal.

I also read that these clubs have a notch to easily adjust the lie. Does anyone know what to story is here? Am I looking for a specific place that has the right equipment, does this really need to go to TaylorMade to get done? Am I risking a break no matter what the machine?



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Give TaylorMade a call and see what the deal is. I know a lot of retailers are hesitant to bend cast clubs.


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    • Gun Laws
      By Braivo · Posted
      What is your solution? How would you ensure that not a single weapon gets into the hands of a mentally ill person? Some of the most psychopathic individuals are incredibly intelligent and able to fool even psychologists into thinking they are sane. Even if you have a psychologist sign off on every single gun purchase, how do you keep that gun from being stolen or sold on the black market?  As long as there are guns in this country then they will fall into the hands of the wrong people. The criminals and those that are disturbed will seek them out and get them. Then what? Suddenly the only people that are armed are the bad guys and the good guys (police). When the bad guys show up firing weapons you call the good guys, but what happens in those 5 minutes in between is a massacre, 10 to 20 lives are taken and not one person can fight back.  The issue goes beyond gun control, it is this false perception that we can somehow create a utopia. Where we have all good without any bad. You can't. The world contains both good and bad and always will. As one evil is extinguished another rises to the top. We haven't had a world war in 70 years where hundreds of thousands of men were killed, so now our evil is mass shooters killing people in schools. It never changes, there will always be evil, always.
    • Do you carry the Rules of Golf with you when you play?
      By Fourputt · Posted
      I get my hard copy from the USGA each year with my membership (since 1987), and I also have the app on my phone.  I don't have to refer to either unless it's to set a playing companion straight.  Since I play by the rules all the time, I never get into the complicated issues that arise when simple playing rules are breached, so I don't really need the book for my own play.   Seems like it comes into play more often when someone asks me how they are supposed to proceed in a situation and they don't believe the answer - then I dig out the book if time allows.  If we don't have time right then, I let them deal with it as they feel they must, then show them the rule later.
    • a new golfers journey through the first two months so far.......
      By bjwestner · Posted
      As of the 10/1/15 handicap revision, my handicap is now currently at 2.0 officially.  I'm really amazed at the progress that I have made, especially the last two months.  The 2015 season has been odd in that the first few months I felt like I was better than what my scores were, and then from around late July or early August to present, my handicap has really dropped dramatically.  I was just over 4 in late July and then in a two week span (1 revision), I dropped quite a bit.  In the process, I completely bypassed the 3's completely!  I went from just over 4 to being in the 2's.  Looking back at what changed during this time, it was clearly the equipment and the fact that I got equipment that fit me better made all the difference and the numbers clearly show that.  I went from the Taylormade RSI2 irons with regular stock shafts to Bridgestone J15 dual pocket cavity irons with the stiff dynamic gold S300 progressive shafts.  I also got fitted for a new driver and realized that I was losing so much distance with my Titleist 913 driver because of way too much spin.  The Ping G30 LS Tec driver has been fantastic - I really love that thing.  I am much more accurate and much longer as well.  As a result I started making a lot more birdies.  Before I was averaging just under 1 birdie per round.  The last 20 rounds, which takes me back to 8/1/15, I have 36 birdies in 20 rounds.  That's almost two per round! I also switched balls.  I had been playing the Bridgestone B330 RXS for a while but I switched to Pro V1.  The ball goes further and is more durable.  It's a bit harder as far as feel goes off the putter but I believe it has the same amount of spin. After the iron change, I went from averaging just under 10 greens in regulation per round to just under 12. This increase in greens per regulation caused me to have a couple more putts per round.  I did not initially recognize the correlation though and went through a month or so when I thought something was wrong with my putting.  I could not figure it out until I realized that this was because I was consistently on more greens in regulation.  When I drilled down into the data, the extra greens in regulation per round matched almost exactly the increased number of putts.  When I took this into account, the net effect was that the shots that I had dropped off my scores were due to improved ball striking and while the number of putts went up, the improvement in ball striking more than covered the increase in putts per round.  So I went from something like around 44-47 strokes other than putts per round down to 40-43 strokes other than putts per round.  I count any stroke with a putter as a putt and my putts went from just under 32 putts per round to 33.5 to 34 putts per round. At the beginning of the year I struggled with establishing a concrete goal for this year but decided that I would be happy if I got my handicap to below 4.  I've already accomplished that goal, albeit in an odd way that saw me not improve much at all in the first part of the year to dropping strokes at a crazy rate in the last two months with the right equipment.  I'm not really sure what to expect or shoot for in the future but I think that I can definitely get to scratch or maybe even better than that.  I was thinking that it might be reasonable to get to scratch by the end of the 2016 golf season.  That may be too weak of a goal or it may be too strong and not reasonable, I'm really not sure.  I am planning to make a trip to Durban South Africa at some point this coming winter to see a distant relative of mine, who won twice on the European PGA Tour and now runs a golf school in Durban, Wayne Westner.  I've never had an instruction up to this point and figure that it might be good to do that and by going in the winter here, it will be summer in the Southern Hemisphere.  So I hope to be able to go down there at some point this coming winter. My short game is still a work in progress.  I am pleased with the progress I have made this year and I know I have come a long way, however there is still a long way to go.  I started 2015 averaging just under 30% scrambling.  The last 20 rounds have me at just over 36% scrambling.  The reality is that my short game is actually better than that because my greens in regulation have gone up, the amount of scrambling opportunities that I can actually convert to save par - I am doing well on those.  I don't have the data but I'd guess it's close to 50%.  So why is the scrambling % only at 36% and change then?  Because the rest are opportunities where it's not reasonable to expect to be able to get up and down (i.e. wayward drive and I had to chip out leaving a scrambling opportunity that is not just off the green).  So that's where I'm at currently.  As this season rapidly winds down, my focus for this winter is going to be on gaining distance by improving my flexibility and balance while continuing to hit balls several times a week and play as much as the weather will allow.  I truly believe that I have A LOT of room to improve because there is a lot of room for improvement in my balance and lengthening my swing.  This tells me that there is distance out there that I can gain and lots of room to improve.  Also, I still have not had any lessons yet, so I'm sure I can improve a lot with instruction.  I'm not chasing distance either, the reality is that even local state level tournaments are played on courses that are close to 7000 yards.  To be able to be competitive at that level, hitting my driver 250 and my 7 iron 150 and change is not going to allow me to be competitive at that level.....
    • Do You Use a Divot Repair Tool?
      By Natural Patrick · Posted
      I use one Ever time my ball leaves a mark on the green. A lot of courses give the plastic ones away free in hopes that you will use it. As far as cost, anywhere from free to $25. I paid $10 for the one I'm currently using. Yes I find it very annoying when someone does not fix their ball marks. I have the switchblade type with a ball marker on it. I like it because it fits nice in my pocket with the forks being retracted.  
    • Dayton, OH
      By mcanadiens · Posted
      It was real nice down here on Sunday. Thinking it was going to be as cold as it was Saturday, I wore a sweater out the door in the morning. It was pretty darn warm by the time I got to Kittyhawk in the afternoon. Tentatively, it's looking ok this weekend. Anyone want to play?  
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