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A personal best today.....83

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I have always loved golf, but never played a lot...  This year I have decided to try to play more, practice more and really get better.  I would consider myself probably a typical mid/high capper.

My goal for the year was to be able to consistently shoot in the mid 80's by the end of the year....My first round in march I shot 102 for reference.

Today I played the tougher of the two courses that I normally frequent.  I finished the front 9 in a o.k. 44.  Missing too many fairways, missing too many greens.  But my short game was going along o.k.  Only two double bogies...It wasn't feeling right but I was hanging in there.

Then somehow the swing finally fell into place on the back nine.  I am one of those guys who looks like a million bucks on the range but never seem to be able to carry it over onto the course.  10th hole is a par 5.  I hit a decent drive, just into the first cut on the left side.  laid up with a hybrid, I had a downhill lie and caught it a tough fat but no harm done.  I had about 113 uphill left.  pulled my 50 wedge and hit it perfect.  Nice tight couple yd draw.  ball then divot.  It felt great.  Upon getting to the green I had flow the ball about 15ft past the hole, and the ball had actually sucked back a couple ft.  I had never hit the ball good enough to have done that before.  Of course I missed the putt, but it was a easy par.  And I was off and running.  A couple more par's in a row.  Again on the strength of hitting good wedge/short irons into the greens or just off of them hole high and putting great.

I made it to the first par 3 on the back.  about 120 with the wind at our backs and to the right, hole cut in back right.  I take aim at the middle of the green, take a little off my 50 wedge.  And again hit it great, floats up into the air, tails a bit right of center and feeds right to the hole.  like about 1ft from the hole.  Tap in birdie.

Now my confidence is sky rocketing.  I pound driver right over the bunkers cutting the dogleg right off on the next hole(about 250 carry).  Pitching wedge and two putt par.

By now even though I haven't been adding the score up as I go I know that I'm playing well.  I keep it pretty well on cruise control.  If I missed a green I got up and down etc.  Putter bails me out multiple times...

I hit 18 and realize that I got a chance to shoot in the 30's for this nine.  18 is a par 5, lake on the right side that cuts deep into the fairway.  I usually lay up short...But today I don't even think about it.  I pulled driver and banged it down the left , not a great shot, a little too right.  Pull hybrid and lay up to about 105 left.  Pin is in the way back.  Green is elevated a good 15ft above me.  I ponder this for a moment.  Short is not good, but long is dead, and I am coming in from a funny angle.  I decided to hit 54.  Again hit a good shot but only to the front of the green...oops.  I 3 putted from about 50ft missing a 6ft put after a good lag.  so bogey there.

But after adding it all up.  39 on the back nine for a 83.  That is my best 18 holes ever, best 9 holes ever. etc.  My previous best on this course was 92.

The game is coming....Can't wait to get out again...


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Congrats on this great achievement!

My first 80's was an 84, followed by and 82.  Took me another 100 rounds or so, to consistently hit 80's.  I hope it doesn't take you as long.  Either way, it's about the journey. :)


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Congrats on the nice round!


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Just love days like that.  Congrats on the 18.  But you want to remember the vibe from that back 9 for sure.  Take that feel with you into your next practice and round and see what it does for you.


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