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Piedmont, NC

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Hi I'm Scott. Just picking the game back up (first time with any seriousness to it) after quite a few years away from it.  Live in Lexington, NC which is about halfway between Greensboro and Charlotte.  Almost forty, single and needed something to focus on in the less wild years of life that seems to be approaching fast.


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    • 2015 NFL Football Thread
      I'm not disagreeing with you on your other points, but in Super Bowl 12, two players split the award, so it seems they can give the MVP to multiple people, but often don't.  In 49 of 50 Super Bowls held so far, only one person won the MVP, just like in 49 out of 50 the winner(s) of MVP came from the winning team.
    • Putting downhill vs uphill (2x distance of downhill length) poll
      OK, I'm sitting at home twiddling my thumbs today, so why not do the math.  A PGA Tour player in the middle of the pack makes something close enough to 75% of his 5' putts that I'll use that as my sample.  If he has 100 five foot putts that he's going to one putt 75 of them.  Considering my video example above, he's leaving himself another of equal length so for those 25 he misses, he'll also miss 25% of those, which is between 6 and 7.  (Since it's the easier uphill putt, let's call it 6.)  That would be 131 total putts for an average PGA Tour player in Levin's situation above. (For the record, he made his second putt today.) The same PGA Tour player makes 25% of his 10 foot putts.  I would make the argument that a straight uphill 10 footer is almost impossible to three putt, but I'd probably make that argument by saying "he'll make that 99 times out of 100."  So, for that reason, let's say 1 three putt.  Regardless, it's not even really close ... 25 one-putts plus 74 two-putts and 1 three-putt puts our hypothetical pro at 176 putts total in those 100 attempts. I'm no Brain Scientist but, I am pretty sure that 131 is significantly less than 176. Soooooo, I guess I'll go with the shorter putt. Just to humor myself though, I did suggest that I was thinking about longer putts originally, so what happens if I use the same situation but go with 8 and 16 instead of 5 and 10? I don't know the answer because PGAtour.com doesn't have stats for individual distances outside of 10', but I suspect that the results might be similar.
    • New to the forum
      I have never experienced wind quite as brutal. Carts racing all over the place, I carry so the bag acting as a sail and blowing me backwards. Still, enjoyable all the same?
    • Donald Trump for president?
      I think in the end some people are desperate enough to take a job that might be like $2.50 an hour. Does that make it right to even offer a position at $2.50 because they can? I could easily say that's taking advantage of someones misfortune.  I do think wages at some level should be tied to cost of living for the area. $7.50 has much more buying power in Ohio than in NYC. Maybe tying it inflation as well.  If price of basic good, housing, vehicles, ect... go up by 2-3% a year and minimum wage doesn't. It just means more and more people are losing buying power on things they wouldn't have to worry about. Over a 5 year period they just lost 10% of their buying power. They have to buy 10% less food than before.  I think that issue might be more of the Governments involvement in controlling inflation. Maybe the 3% per year increase has been an unforeseen issue. A lot wages have been tied with a step increase by inflation. Minimum wage hasn't. 
    • Donald Trump for president?
      He may have a big ego, but I don't understand how this precludes him from being able to make positive changes. In fact, it is likely to help as he would not want to fail as President. He does not want to let the American people down, he wants to go down in history as one of the greatest Presidents ever. You don't do that by alienating the middle-class, you do that by reviving it.  Trump is not afraid to take on big corporations and the special interests like the Koch brothers. Those guys control more than any of us realize, and it takes someone just as big to take them down. Sanders, etc. will just get crushed by the special interest groups. It takes a lion to fight a lion. We're going to have to get used to his abrasive style, it will come in handy later on.
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