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My swing (tomz)

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Hi everybody, I'm 48 and have started playing golf two years ago. A couple of months ago I started with Evolvr and Stephan K. as my instructor. The tips he gave me (weight forward, still head) have helped to give a lot more consistency. I've mainly been on the range and have a handicap of 36.

After the last video I posted on Evolr (see below) he gave me these drills (and the video at the bottom):

Next time show me the drill in a practice swing and then after that go ahead and hit the ball.

1. Top of your swing (pause)
2. Start down to club shaft parallel, laying the club down and left knee flexing toward the target
3. Arm parallel in the follow through

Until now I was (more or less) able to apply the drills Stephan gave me, but with this drill I'm completely lost. I tried it as shown in his video, but it just doesn't work. I hit the ground before the ball, the ball shoots of in a 45° angle to the right, etc.

Could somebody please give me more insight on the aim of this drill and where Stephan wants to lead me?

Thanks, Tom



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You could ask @sk golf on evolvr, but basically it's because you do the opposite, and have to feel more of the motion he's showing you, as you can see here:

In other words, you're steep and swinging left, and he wants you shallower and swinging out to the right a bit more.


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@Tomz lvr, send in a practice swing and one with the ball.  After I see those, we may or may not need to make adjustments from there.


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Hi Erik, Stephan, thanks for the additional explanation, I've posted a video on Evolvr. Tom

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