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Leaving grip tape under the grip.

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So I had a real bright moment earlier today while putting a grip on a new pitching wedge. I have the pre-cut tape strips with paper on both sides. I removed one side, attached the tape to the end of the shaft, wet it with grip solvent, and - with some effort - managed to force a grip onto it[1]. When I was prepping the next club's grip, I realized my mistake and removed the second side of the tape from the remaining clubs when putting on those grips (perhaps not surprisingly, these grips were easier to apply). Now, I'm okay with admitting my mistake, removing that grip from the PW, and applying a new one. I have spare grips and I'm fine eating the cost of this mistake. How bad is it that I did this, and what sorts of problems can I expect if I leave the grip attached and try to swing the club once it's dry? (This might be a reason for me to get the grips Erik periodically mentions that don't require solvent to put on in the future) [1] There's probably a joke about not letting me set up the slip-n-slide anymore after this.

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I sometimes don't use solvent at all and just put a couple of layers of build-up tape under the grip, usually if i am just trying a grip out, so I can easily remove it with the air compressor (installed with air as well).  Haven't had one move yet.  I use syringes to inject solvent under a grip that does have sticky tape, and just twist the grip back and forth untill it releases, then it just slides right off.  I get the large syringes that are used for animal vaccinations from a local feed store and they are pretty cheap.

In your case, I'd be worried about the backing releasing from the sticky tape, especially since you used solvent.


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