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Golf film Tour

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Summit unusual for you all maybe, I've been lucky enough to be commissioned to film an Amateur golf tour for a big airline and its been amazing visiting some of the world's best golf courses and experiencing them. Even though I have to say I'm dying for a game! Not one shot hit in 3 months working on courses from Spain to Tokyo. The only iron I've held is a tripod. Anyway if anyone fancies seeing some of the best - I'll start with my little film of Fontana CG Vienna. It's a beauty, and the clubhouse off this world. The scenery is fantastic and I'd kill to play there. Have a look at the link. Hope you don't mind the logo's.



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Welcome to the site.  Thanks for posting.


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    • Go Cubs!!! Two of Three Best Teams in MLB Play Wild Card Tonight
      By Gator Hazard · Posted
      No matter who the teams are, I think that a system that in this instance punishes two teams purely for being in the same division is unfair.  The Cubs and the Pirates deserve to be in the playoffs based on their continued success throughout the year. The difference between the second and third best team in all of baseball over 162 games is ONE GAME with Pirates being 98-64 versus Cubs at 97-65. The next best record in the National League belongs to The Dodgers (92-70).  The Mets are 90-72.  The ONLY correct seeding in the National League Playoffs based on season equity is the Cardinals at the #1 seed.  The Pirates and the Cubs are the 4 and 5 seeds.  That is ridiculous.  I know it is what it is, but that doesn't mean it is fair or that people are going to like it.  
    • The Films and Movies Thread
      By saevel25 · Posted
      So Halloween is coming up. I ask the question what are your favorite, lets say top 5 scary/horror movies?     
    • Hello from Minneapolis
      By isukgolf · Posted
      Welcome to TST!  Lots of great info and help available to you here.
    • Hello from Minneapolis
      By IlliniBoy · Posted
      Snuck in six holes this morning. Things aren't all bad. Started off with an honest double bogey, double bogey, bogey, triple bogey, which for me is great.  Usually ball striking is my main problem, but for the first few holes it was short game and putting, which is fine.  I actually overhit three greens in the first five holes, which never happens for me and says I'm getting more distance on my irons in real game conditions. Was going to play nine but things started to fall apart on me and I decided to quit while I still felt good about things.  This is the first time I've gone out and felt like I have something to build on.
    • Playing extraordinarily long courses
      By davechen · Posted
      Recently I played Bethpage Black, which was extraordinarily long.  I'm not a long hitter, and we played from the whites, but that was still 6773 yards.  There were a lot of long par 4's, over 400 yards, including one that was 457.   For me, I just had to reset my expectations and accept that bogies would be a good score on a number of those holes.  I'm a bogie golfer, and since it was such a long, hard course, I was just hoping to stay below 100.  So I was happy with my 98.  As it turned out, from a handicapping standpoint that was it was one of my best results.  The slope of that course was crazy, 145, because it's so long. So my suggestion is to just accept that a course is long for all the players and not let it psych you out.
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