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Pretzel's Homemade Shaft Inserts

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I mentioned them in another thread, but I figured it might be something that others would be interested in trying the next time they regrip their clubs. These iron inserts dampen the vibration on bad hits while still maintaining good feel on the good ones, which was very helpful when I was working on consistent contact so that it didn't sting to hit it thin.

Supplies needed:

- Foam adhesive tape (most often advertised as weather stripping, as found here )

- Fishing line (so that you can remove the inserts later if needed)

- One dowel rod (to push them into the shaft)

- A coat hanger (for removal)

Steps for creating one insert:

1) Cut a strip of foam adhesive tape, about 3 feet long, and a length of fishing line about 2 feet long

2) Peel off the backing on the foam tape and set the tape on a table sticky-side up, then tie a loop at one end of the fishing line

3) Place the non-looped end of the fishing line in the middle of the foam tape and stick it to the tape such that the loop hangs around 3-6" off the edge of the tape

4) Fold the foam tape on itself so that it both covers the sticky side and encloses the fishing line like a sandwich, leaving you with a foam plug about 1' 6" in length with a loop of fishing line hanging out the end

5) Using a dowel rod, slide the insert into your golf shaft oriented such that the fishing line faces the top of the club (where you would install a grip). Make sure that it is seated firmly enough that it won't come loose.

6) For removal, bend a coat hanger so that it has a hook that can reach the loop in the fishing line. Simply hook the loop and pull it back out if you no longer want it.

I've used them in all my irons for a while now and like them quite a bit. The only downside is that you hear a small buzzing noise (from the fishing line) when you thunk the club into the ground firmly or hit it very thin, but it's easy for me to overlook at least when it makes those bad shots not sting. I would, however, recommend just not hitting it thin in the first place to avoid this stinging over inserts if possible.


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I was dismayed to read that the inserts were not made from pretzels. :-)


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I was dismayed to read that the inserts were not made from pretzels. :-)

Alternate instructions: 1) Buy a gross of jumbo soft pretzels 2) Mash them to a fine paste, using the cheese you get as glue 3) Pour the paste into your shaft, until near full 4) Cork it off with one solid pretzel mortared in with more cheese NOTE: This method may increase swing weight and/or cause unusual smells. For best results replace every 1-2 weeks.


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      It's just feeling a little bit more natural than it used to and I'm not stepping on the course with 5 or more swing thoughts, which is nice! I don't think it'll take much work getting back to making progress and I'm definitely seeing that some of the changes I've made have stuck - ball flight is really high compared to what I'm used to and the ball turns right to left about 50% of the time and stays straight for 30%. It's the 20% of rubbish, either duck hooks or generally wayward tee shots that I want to clear up, which is going to be this morning's target on the range. I didn't end up hitting the range yesterday - a mate texted to ask to play a round, so I went for that. What was obvious is that the little 9 hole course, where I don't need anything above a 4 iron, has been great for my iron play, but that the 3 wood, driver and course management need a bit of a refresher course. Shot an 86 with a ridiculous 7 penalty strokes (4 on one tough par 3), which says it all really as I don't normally take any! It is a tight track though and there is OB all over the place, but no excuse for the few 'head off' moments which prevented me scoring well. It was match play as well so I guess that's part of it... In short summary: Driving/3 wood - pretty poor and I'm just not comfortable over the ball with those clubs. On a longer course, I'd have struggled. Long irons - good, bar that atrocity of a par 3, where I think I'll just aim way left next time and take the safe miss. Both of those were actually really nice strikes, but went dead straight rather than drawing like I had expected. Still, my fault entirely for aiming towards the trouble  Mid-short irons - mostly pretty good actually. Put 6/14 approaches from outside 100 yards to (3/4 from within 100) inside 15 yards and bar two long bunker shots, the rest were manageable. Putting - really pleased again; I probably only made one that I wouldn't have expected (birdie on 13), but there's a lot of break on the greens and I thought it was pretty decent for a first time out in a while. Overall, pretty close to where I'd want it to be, but a better decision on 6, some better drives and a bit more luck on odd holes (like 16) and it'd have been a great round. I'd take that for the first time in ages. Should be able to post some video this afternoon.
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      And also, "speculation" is what the thread is all about! Sure, I'm placing the Tour guys on a pedestal but they DESERVE it. Yes "Golf is Hard", but those guys are GOOD. Low 60s are very much a possibility in any tournament they tee it up in, let alone on a public course that was designed with the average golfer in mind. Let's give credit where credit is due! If all the players from 75-125 on the money list decided to go out and play a new course (of "moderate difficulty" for amateurs) every week for the next 2 months, course records would be getting smashed all over the place. They might shoot the odd 70 or 72, but you darn well bet there would be a lot of 63's and 64's in there too. Regardless of poor course conditions, lack of course knowledge or anything like that, they are gonna make birdies in droves and they are going to go low!
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      I was at a garage sale with my son who was like 10 years old at the time. The seller had a box full of cheap toys with a handwritten sign on the box that read "$1 each, or 2 for $3".  I nudged my son and pointed to the sign with my eyes (because the seller was standing right there). He glanced down at the sign and immediately grinned and shook his head in disbelief. And don't get me going on auctions. People will pay more for used crap than they know they would if purchased brand new, simply because they get caught up in a bidding war. The best part is listening to them try and justify it afterwards.
    • What would a PGA Tour player shoot at your home course?
      The odds of him shooting -32 would be slim, but not impossible. Those guys absolutely demolish a handful of the easier courses (ie. Kapalua, the old rotation for the Las Vegas Invitational, the old rotation for the Bob Hope, TPC Scottsdale before they toughened it up,  North Course at Torrey, etc.) and scores of ~ -30 haven't been terribly uncommon at some events. But I think the PGA Tour and the Web.Com Tour seem to be trying to get away from insanely low numbers and are moving tournaments away from some of the old venues that can't keep up with how far  they hit the ball now, and renovating other courses to beef them up. I recall the Tour players voted to eliminate the TPC Stadium course at PGA West in the late 80's from tournanent play because they thought it was "too hard" and this year when they used it again it seemed to be quite playable for them. In fact, they seemed to have no issues making their way around the course at all. That speaks to the quality and depth of the fields nowadays.  That being said - no, I wouldn't expect a -32 total. But it definitely wouldn't shock me either.  On a side note, I would be really interested to see this type of experiment revisited. This thread has fuelled some great speculation and debate, so thank you guys for playing along!
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