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Question about Irons

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I am mid-age and do not hit my irons long at all.  My 8-iron goes max 125 and 6-iron maybe 140.  I drive about 240.  I manage to shoot low to mid 80s because I am pretty accurate.  Most every drive is in the fairway.

However, it really bothers me that my irons are so weak.  I am in my late 40s, but in fit condition with no major ailments.  I have some low back issues which slightly impedes my swing.

So in my effort just to get my irons to normal distance I have noticed that with wrist action alone (just taking the club back to hip level and following through) I hit the 8-iron bout 115.  But then when I take a full swing and increase swing speed, I hardly gain any distance at all.  Fight path remains the same.  So what does this mean?  Am I not turning my hips?

So frustrating


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I'm a stalwart of the Clubs ... forum. What model irons do you have, and how are they shafted?

I have played Callaway X20 Tours for three seasons. I had tested them back in 2008, but was reluctant to play them because I was shedding stiff shafts. I got a set with PX 5.0 shafts, which turned out to be a whole lot stiffer than I was advised.

Fortunately, I got a demo X20 Tour 6i, and used it to test out different shaft options. I recently reshafted with NS Pro 8950GH (R.Flex), 18 grams and about a half-flex lighter than the PX shafts.

At the same time, I struck it lucky and got to test the SLDR irons, which are shafted in the KBS Tour C-Taper Light 90 shafts, which are a bit lighter than the NS Pros.

At any rate, I picked up a full club of distance with both the reshafted X20Ts and the SLDRs. I'm now getting into the low 90s, and my HDCP is finally dropping for the first time in two years.

A fellow SandTrapper, ClubRat, tried the SLDRs when he played with me a few weeks ago. He has experienced Mizuno MP irons, with a DG R300 shafts (about 125 grams). He hit SLDR back-up shots on several holes, and also averaged about a full club longer than with the DGs. (And, he was about 10 yards longer than I was).

So, you might take a look at your current shafting. You don't list what clubs/shafts you have, so I can't make any suggestions at this time. So, consider a tech check. Maybe either new irons, or a reshaft if you like your current ones. Unless you have a back problem or some hidden swing flaw, you don't want to mess with a swing that regularly breaks 90.

I'm in a dilemma. Both the SLDRs and the reshafted X20Ts are a pleasant change from last year. Not sure which one to play regularly.


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Well your not that old. I'm 46, been playing golf for over 20 years now.

I've been working on my swing more this year. I got a new set of irons. The Callaway Apex 4-PW.

They are bit more stronger lofted than my previous set of AP2s. They are really nice clubs. They feel great.

I'm hitting the ball just as far as I did when I was in my 20s. Better swing, better equipment, etc.

I hit my 8 iron about 150, and my 6 iron around 170. I can hit my driver an average of 265. If I really get a hold of one around 275. But I'm in Denver, so we got the thinner air up hear.

Do you fire your hips on the downswing? Like Rory does? I do this and its helped tremendously with distance.


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Sounds to me like a club head speed issue. I have a friend (just played Monday in league with him) that decellerates on his downswing. He also falls slightly back just as he makes contact. He has similar yardages as you. It's hard for me to relate to hitting those types of yardages. I hit my 8 iron about 145 because I only swing 75% or so. With a full swing I can easily hit it over 180, but I can't consistently control that. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. You can go to a Dick's or Golfsmith and get your swingspeed for your 8 iron and driver. My guess is they are pretty low. Best thing to do is post a video of your swing. The experts here should be able to diagnose your problem easily. You can go to any golf course and pay for a lesson or two. Tell them your story and they will tell you what's happening and get you on the right path. As for shooting low 80's, it sounds like you want to break that plateau. You may have to take a step back to take two steps forward.

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