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what is getting hips out of they way, or clearing hips?

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school me. the way I think it and try to do it is to turn my hips then let my arms and hands come in after. every time I hear clear hips or get them out of the way makes me, what I will say over turn, rotate, my lower body. would I be wrong saying if my lower body gets open to the target and my upper is behind that I would either slice, hosel, or make a compensated pull? would it make sense to have the body and hands return to the ball mirroring the set up? hands infront of say your belt buckle?

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Thanks for posting. I figured this out earlier on my own, but this video reinforces why I kept shanking ball when doing punch shot drills and not when doing the a full swing to work on weight left. When I came into impact in the drill, I was keeping my hips way too square and leaving the club wide open. I wish I had seen this earlier! :)


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      The faces are unsupported and sit on a hollow cavity inside the club. It's unsupported to allow it to flex more for ballspeed. Unfortunately, that can cause it to break more easily. Basically, it's like punching through drywall: it's easier to break through when the wall behind it is empty than if it's attached to a brick wall.
    • Jack or Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?
      Of course he is entitled to his opinion.  But when he lards it with attempts at bolstering his opinion with stuff like "I saw Jack play", and "He was nice at a clinic" and challenges people as to whether other people saw Jack play like he did and just where did you see him play . . .  well then scorn comes into play.  Especially when his claim is not just that Jack is better, but he claims that Jack is " by far the best".   By far?  Really?  There is an assessment I hadn't previously seen in the thread even from the most avid Jack supporters.  One can argue for Jack rationally, but claiming he is 'by far" the best, and adducing as evidence the facts that a) he saw him play, b) Tiger is not winning now, c) Jack was nice the time he saw him at the driving range?  Is that remotely a rational argument?  Not to mention this little piece of . . I don't know what:  " What is Tiger doing now? He sure is not winning. His historical achievements are nice but they don't win tournaments."  means or has anything to do with anything.  I mean, replace the word Tiger with Jack and it is equally true and equally besides the point.  So your criticism is completely off base.  Reasonable people certainly can disagree.  There is a difference between scorn at someone's opinion, and scorn at the reasoning process they claim as the basis of their opinion.  He gets his opinion for free. But his facts and reasoning, should he choose to share them as he did, are subject to logical analysis and challenge.  You are free to like chocolate, but if you give your reason for liking it as "my favorite hat is brown and so is chocolate" then people will look askance at you.  As they should.
    • cracking or scratched face
      I would expect them to just replace the one club. That's what warranty is for, defects in material or workmanship and if they determine there is a defect in that club I would expect it will be replaced.  
    • cracking or scratched face
      Sorry it's the xr standard irons from last year. What would cause the crack?
    • How to eliminate blowup holes
      Hey guys and gals! I need some help reducing or preferably eliminating my blowup holes. Im currently playing some of the best golf of my life but the blowup holes are killing any chances of shooting a good number. I aim for bogey golf and usually see 3-5 pars per round with the occasional birdie. I consider bogies good holes and average 6-8 of those a round. But the doubles and triples are destroying my card. Can anybody help me with this?
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