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My Driver started Whistling?

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I play with (or did rather) a Titleist 910 D2 Driver.  I absolutely Loved this club, I seemed to have better control with this driver than any other that I have ever hit.  All of that aside, while playing a round one day on the 10th Tee after my drive, I could hear a high pitch whistling type of noise coming from my driver.  I could not figure out if it was coming from the head of the club or the shaft.  After a minute or so of my buddy and me with our ear to the head of this club it stopped.  I was a little concerned but didn't bag it, because what could I do at this point anyway?  So I get home and spray it with soapy water to look for any cracks in the head, and found nothing, so I submerged it, no bubbles or signs of cracks anywhere.  The club still feels great, doesn't seem to have lost the "trampoline" effect.  Over the next few rounds though it has seemed to have lost quite a bit of distance.  I thought it was me, but I tried a different driver and got my distance back.  I switched to a Taylormade RBZ Tour and was back in the 270-280 range I used to be.  So, after all of this (probably unnecessary) explanation, my question is this.  Can a club just go dead?  Has anyone else had an experience like this?


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Maybe its in a happy mood...

Seriously though, I have heard drivers can go dead before but never had one do it to me


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The whistling sound odd, almost like the head was pressurized... On the Titleist web site there is a forum you can join.  Might be worth asking there.  Perhaps, if it is a pressurization issue, there is a way to restore it?


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