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Malformed Posts May be Deleted

2 posts in this topic



This is an example of a malformed post.

When a moderator sees a post like this, he has a choice: fix it, or delete it (often with the comment "MF" which means "malformed" or "NT" meaning "no text.").

I fixed the post, but if I was in a bigger hurry, I'd have just deleted it.

Please don't make malformed posts, or they may not last. They can't be quoted properly, so you're foisting the responsibility onto others.

P.S. Just happened to be the one I found. It may be @Hardballs first malformed post ever - I don't know. I'm not picking on you. Just an example. :)


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Yeah, a malformed post but functional.


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    • Do you carry the Rules of Golf with you when you play?
      By pumaAttack · Posted
        Meh, I don't see the harm.  Maybe not "relaxed" to you, but that is your own interpretation.  I know that most handicaps are inflated anyways.  I have more important things to worry about than whether a golfer is posting a "Official Rules" score.  It's not like we are talking about the PGA tour. Time to lighten up and have more fun on the course.  Golf would be more popular if people weren't such sticklers for the rules.   Do you think every soccer game, baseball match, football game should follow every single rule too?  Why does golf have to be that way?
    • Do you carry the Rules of Golf with you when you play?
      By Shindig · Posted
      @Martyn W -- I hadn't heard that before, but I love the story and am going to tell it at my club. 
    • My Swing (TN94z)
      By TN94z · Posted
      I figured I would drag this thread back up since I'm planning on getting back to golf. I thought we were starting to play a lot last year but many things happened that stopped those plans. But we are good to go now and I have a few goals in mind too.   I want to get as close to being back in single digits as I can by this time next year. For sure back to single digits by the next Newport Cup
    • Am I heading in the right direction finding my own swing?
      By mdl · Posted
      I think your turn to dismissing drills and instruction is misguided.  And you even kind of disagree with yourself, as practicing impact positions and extending back further through the swing is itself a set of drills.  If you're looking for instruction I'm a big fan of the system from the owners of this site 5 Simple Keys (5SK).  They have instructors around lots of the country now.  Or you can get great (I haven't done it myself, but know a few guys who've dropped a TON of strokes with dedicated use) online instruction at Evolvr where you upload videos and get detailed instruction. But to your original point, I have had some success at various points where one of my tools was sitting at my impact position and trying to go backwards from there to figure out what body part or feel or whatever is throwing me off getting to that position that I want at impact from some point further back up in the swing.  But I've found this is limited by the other knowledge I have of the golf swing.  And that other drills are in fact often useful for ingraining changes in my swing further away from impact that lead to a chain of events that put me in the wrong place at impact.
    • Do you carry the Rules of Golf with you when you play?
      By Martyn W · Posted
      Lew Blakey told this story at a Rules Workshop. He rolled up a course and was paired with three members. The pro had told the members that Lew was one of the most respected Rules Officials in the country.Intimidated, the members told Lew that they were very respectful of the Rules and 'played by most of them'. Lew said its all good, lets play a casual round and have fun. His first teeshot found a fairway bunker, he tossed the ball out and played his 'second'. One of the members said "what are you doing, you have to play out of the bunker!"  "Oh, I'm sorry" replied Lew, "you didn't make it clear which Rules we aren't playing by today"
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