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Anyone attending the Ryder Cup?

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Is there anyone on the forum travelling to Scotland to attend the Ryder Cup, if so how long are you in Scotland for, where are you staying?


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    • Gun Laws
      By iacas · Posted
      I think it's still true that something like 95% of gun crimes in the U.S. (or gun deaths, perhaps) are minority-on-minority crimes/murders. This is an economic problem, not a gun control problem. Inner-city people are killing other inner-city people over drugs and other stuff. Remove that, and suicides, and the U.S. gun crime rates are on par with other countries. Canada has more guns per capita than the U.S. and doesn't have the gun crime problem we have. They're a lot like us, too: it's not like comparing Japanese or Swedish culture (just to pick two fairly different cultures) to our own. I have two guns. Neither are registered so far as I know, but both required me to complete a background check when I purchased them in the state in which I lived at the time, about 12 years ago. They remain locked up safe and out of the way, but I can get to them and load the 9mm in 30 seconds or less if necessary. Someone said it before, though: nobody's minds are going to be changed. So I'll leave it at that.
    • Stretches to improve flexibility
      By boogielicious · Posted
      Flexible Golf Swing by Roger Fredericks  It looks like Roger has updated the book. Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing by Joey D. You can also get a DVD Joey D Golf Body
    • Gun Laws
      By Pretzel · Posted
      An interesting topic is the one of people legally carrying and perfecting others during a shooting. I don't think people realize how inaccurate most shooters/handguns are. I'll provide a little perspective for that.  In a competition scenario, at 25 yards, the best shooters in the state (in 4-H who grew up shooting their while life) can put 10 rounds into a stationary target the size of a grapefruit or small cantaloupe in approximately 2-3 minutes of slow fire. In rapid fire (shooting one handed, 5 shots in 10 seconds) that grouping spreads to be 18-30 inches wide. The second scenario is more plausible of a grouping in a stressful scenario (since in a real scenario you would always use two hands anyways). Shooting silhouettes (various birds, a pig, and a ram that are all not to scale) the longest target that is reasonably expected to be hit using open sights is the turkey or pig at 60 yards. The ram can be hit at 100, but most use scopes or red dot sights for that if they want to be successful.  For a carrying individual to be remotely effective, they would need to be within 25 yards of the shooter. They would also need a clear line of fire with nobody directly in front of or behind the shooter (thar 18-30" grouping might not hit him). In addition to that, they need to - obviously - not get shot themselves. The circumstances are pretty specific as to when this could happen, so you'd need an awful lot of the population to be trained (these groupings are all for people who shoot competitively) and carrying for it to make a difference. Most untrained individuals can't put 10 rounds on a paper plate at only 7-10 yards, so that part is very important. 
    • The Dan Plan - 10,000 Hours to Become a Pro Golfer (Dan McLaughlin)
      By nevets88 · Posted
      New piece in biz magazine, Success. I respectfully disagree w/the elite talent statement. Maybe you don't need elite level, but there's a certain threshold that needs to be met. And I disagree w/the mental/MBA-ish approach. The swing's the thing, there's some mental, but not commensurate to the importance attached to it as implied by the piece. http://www.success.com/article/the-10000-hour-theory-does-practice-make-perfect    
    • Gun Laws
      By Braivo · Posted
      Same for me. Source.
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