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Callaway Apex vs new Mizuno JPX 850 Forged irons

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After a 5 year layoff I'm coming back golf. I've always played Mizuno or Bridgestone. With the J33 Cb's being my gamers back in 2009. I'm currently rehabbing a reconstructed knee and won't be able to start swinging until Oct. So I've had a lot of time on my hands to do research on what new sticks I'm going to get. I thought I would expand my horizon on equipment and try a new brand. Was dead set on the Callaway Apex irons. Nice clean look with out a lot of offset. Then out of nowhere last week Mizuno made a play at my heart with these new JPX 850 Forged. I'm mainly starting this thread bc I can't do any testing and wanted to see if any one else has the Apex irons and if the would even consider switching to the JPX 850 Forged. Are the Apex's so good you won't even take a look around? Thanks

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I use Apex irons during my lessons and I'm not amazed by them. They are certainly nice but no nicer than many other irons.


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    • Wooden tees
      By ncarlsongolf · Posted
      Thank you for someone finally using tees the right way.  Companies like "Brush" and others that can increase distance are simply duping the consumer.  I have only ever used Wooden tees, and will put 3 in my pocket to start the round.  If I end the round with less than four I know it hasn't rained in a while.  Tees are everywhere!  For anyone to actually go and buy tees is a travesty. If brush tees were that much greater, the pro's and best amateurs would be using them. I get that the brush tees last a long time but to me, good ol' trusty wood does more than the job!
    • Do you carry the Rules of Golf with you when you play?
      By Fourputt · Posted
      I never said I was deciding how he plays a game, just that the way he does it isn't golf.  He doesn't play by the principles of golf, never mind the rules.  Most of the guys I've played with for the last 35 years make their best attempt to play by the rules as they know them.  They may make mistakes through ignorance, but they try to do it right.  Mr. Boatright doesn't even see the need to make the attempt - in fact he goes out of his way to state that making the attempt is too much effort for him.   He seems to know more or less what the proper procedures are under the rules, at least well enough to know that he deliberately ignores them.   He says the game is too difficult even playing as loosely as he does it, yet he has apparently never actually tried to play it properly, so he really doesn't have any experiential background to make that claim from.  You assert that he plays by the principles, but that isn't the case.   The Principles are the foundation that underlie the rules - they are inseparable.  You still can play by the principles, even if you aren't playing to the letter of the rules because you lack complete knowledge of the specific procedures involved.  You cannot completely ignore the rules and deliberately shortcut them and still say that you are playing by those principles.   A player can by the rules as closely as he understands them and get nothing but respect from me even if he makes mistakes along the way, because he is making the effort to play golf.  A player like Mr. Boatright who seems to put the same effort into justifying his act of deliberately not playing by the rules deserves no such respect, and no, he is not playing golf.  It just looks somewhat like golf to the uninformed.
    • My Swing (saevel25)
      By saevel25 · Posted
      Ok no more playing till I practice. It's a sad day when my pitching is the best part of my game. I almost wiffed on a drive. Putting feels horrible. Is my lesson time with Erik here yet.  :b
    • The Presidents Cup v The Ryder Cup - Which is best?
      By ncarlsongolf · Posted
      The Ryder Cup is by far better.  I think giving the sides a team to root against makes it more fun to watch.  Its very hard to root against the world.  The euro's have developed a friendly hatred towards the US and they hate losing.  I think the US is getting close to the same type of feelings towards their side.  It is going to make for great matches in the coming years! 
    • Who are your 3 favorite and 3 least favorite players on tour?
      By Pendragon · Posted
      Why would anyone like Tiger? I mean that quite seriously. In my book, he's not a likable guy at all...just my opinion.   It's tough to narrow it down to 3 of each, but here goes: Favorite Players...Jason Day, Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth Least favorites....Tiger Woods, John Daly, Pat Perez
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