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Ping G30 Irons Review

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by Bill Chao: link

PING's latest offering in the game improvement irons category is all about distance and forgiveness.


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    • Hauling your clubs in a extended cab truck
      I am really enjoying my set up. I whole heartedly recommend the the switchblade/bedrug combo. Anyone who sees it feels the the same. I am sure that other rolling covers work to but man is this deal slick. I always have my clubs with me and it is like a big golf locker in the bed of my truck now. If anyone cares I can post some images or video of it.
    • Reading Greens
      Amazingly for how terrible I am at putting (and golf), I also try to take that into account too. But per your posts, I'm clearly so ignorant I expect AimPoint is too far over my head to tackle at this stage. I probably have to become a much better golfer before I can properly understand these complex concepts. For me, the reference at the hole helps me extrapolate back to the initial ball position in steps. It's not important to me that you think it's correct. It's simply a visual aid for the kind of mental picture per the images below for the section around the hole; which relates to the prior section, which relates to the section before that, which relates to my initial ball position.   Corresponding to this:  Really? I had no idea that a putt could double break. I have to rethink my whole approach now, dag nab it.   I said it was an aid to visualizing, not a 'method'.  I pay attention to the area around the hole because that is where the ball will usually (hopefully) be slowest (other than situations like going up a ridge) and therefore prone to break more for a given slope. I am also often doing clock drills and again the yardstick provides a reference point for the 'final destination' area around the hole. Besides, don't all greens have about 2* of slope around the hole (& extending outward) on average anyway, so knowing the particular amounts of slope between the initial location of the ball and the hole don't really matter to the outcome?  First time I've seen that. I'd expect the system did that as I universally just hard return between lines of a quoted post and only copy/paste items from off the site. <yup, the quotes were fine in the edit and as soon as I posted, the attribution was dropped. Perhaps a programming error?>
    • GPS, WHY ?
      The GPS measurements is more of a side benefit to using Game Golf to track my game. I don't think that I'll ever buy any dedicated device for measuring distances either gps or laser range finders, but if I were ever given one as a gift or won something I would it.
    • My irons keep breaking
      Have you ever dropped the clubs or had them fall of a carriage?
    • GPS, WHY ?
      Oh come on, give us mid handicaps something to dream about if we ever get to become a low single digit player!
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