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Good golf fitness program DVD or book?

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I'm trying to get back into an exercise program again and figured I may as well do something that will also help my golf game. What I'd really like to find is a good DVD or book that goes through a general golf related workout. I've found a bunch of individual exercises on the web but I'm fairly lazy (hence the need to exercise more) so it would be nice if I could just have one source that contains a reasonable program of strength, balance, and flexibility training.

If you have source's you've used in the past - point me at them. Thanks!

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There's is a book I have called Golf RX, by Vijay Vad. He's a doctor of Sports Medicine and the doctor for the PGA Tour. He has put out other books on strengthening the back and one on arthritis.

His golf book has info on how to handle injuries, stretches to do while on the course, a program for adding yards, and then an A, B, and C level strength and flexibility program. You assess yourself to see what level you're at and then do the exercises for that level. It's a decent book with pictures to go with the programs. I have used it to find new things to add to other programs.

I have found the best thing I have done is through our local Parks and Recreation program. They have a 6 week course on golf conditioning. You go once a week and then do the routine another 2-3 times on your own. The cost is $48 for six weeks with a certified personal trainer, nice and cheap because it is through Parks and Rec. The benefit I have found with this is that technique is so important to doing these exercises, so with someone there to guide you along, you have a better chance of doing it right. By using DVD's or books, you may be doing the routine, but your form is often off and then the full benefit is not received.

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Thanks for the ideas everyone. Gotta go - the police just came by and our neighborhood is being evacuated right now. Southern California wild fires on the loose again...

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      Next, I set up the Tee Claw with two lanyards. The second lanyard was set up as a guide for my swing path. This will come in handy as a training aid.
      After hitting, the tee stayed in. The Tee Claw moved. You can see below, it recoiled and twisted a bit. It took a few seconds to untangle it and set it back up. If you are the kind of player who rapid fire hits balls, this may get annoying. But if you are like me and take your time, the extra set up time is not an issue. If I am doing slow motion drills, I would use the rubber tee. But once I am hitting to observe ball flight, I would use the Tee Claw instead.
      Lastly, mats seem to be the key for the Tee Claw to work. Good mats with a weave work the best. I have two mats at home, the All Turf mat I showed above and one I got when buying a Birdie Ball net. They are below. I apologize for not cleaning the dead grass off the mat! It was cold out. The Tee Claw had no issues with either of these mats. I would take the mat type into consideration when you purchase the Tee Claw.
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