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Adams Idea Black CB3 Irons Review

A Review On: Adams Idea Black CB3 4-PW, GW Iron Set with Steel Shafts

Adams Idea Black CB3 4-PW, GW Iron Set with Steel Shafts

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Pros: Soft, good size, inexpensive.

Cons: Lots of offset.

In the case of these irons, Adams has tried to appeal to everyone. They may not have succeeded 100 percent, but they've gotten darn close. Everyone will like the soft feel, and many will like the appealing club size and shape. I'm a low single-digit handicapper, and though I'm not yet sure if these will remain in my bag long-term, but I've yet to meet a golfer that cannot hit these clubs.

I would prefer it if Adams offered customizable sets (I would probably swap out the gap wedge for a 3-iron, though even then my loft gaps would be messed up), and I'd like to see the offset reduced just a touch, but I have no major gripes with these irons. They hit the ball far and straight, and if you're in the market for a new set of irons, you would be doing yourself a disservice to overlook these clubs.


Hi Jamo,
Not to play devils advocate, but I bought these clubs and struggled something awful with them.    I thought I was ready for a "better players" club, but I found out the expensive way I am not there yet.     They are a nice club, great deal for the price now that they are discounted most everywhere, but for me, I still need more forgiveness.     I don't have a high swing speed, and they were surprisingly shorter than any SGI clubs I've owned.   
Again, not dissing the clubs, but from experience I can tell you they are not an "everyone's" club as your review suggests.      I guess I could have struggled with them, put in the time to become a better ball striker, and grew into them ... but I prefer to just play (alot of) golf ... cavity backed GI clubs suit me better, and I'm ok with that.
I don't know what to tell you, man. I found them extremely easy to hit. I gave them to a friend about a year ago who's normally in the 90-100 range, and he swears by them as well.

Everyone's different though.
Hmmm... I bought these irons two years ago and they work great for me!
Great feel, well balanced, nice shafts (KBS), good looks I will be using these for quite a few more years. I am very satisfied with the CB3's.