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Adams Idea Tech A4 Hybrid


Pros: forgiving, long, easy to hit

This is a fantastic hybrid. After a couple trips to the range, I was comfortable with it, and I've never liked hybrids before.

It's very forgiving. Contact almost anywhere on the face will come off clean and straight. You only have to worry about swing path issues to ensure your ball flight is solid.

It's also a fairly long club. I have a noticeable yardage gap between my 5-iron and my 4-hybrid on average shots, and I can rival my 3-wood with long shots.

Going into 2011 it's not one of the hot new clubs, but still a great choice. For the price you can find it for on eBay, this club is a steal.

This was the first hybrid that I played seriously, and I love it. It's changed how I play long par 3s, long par 4s and par 5s.

That the club's launch angle is a little lower than normal. It gets the ball off the ground easily, but it's not designed to pop the ball up high. It's probably a little high on the "boring ball flight" side.


Pros: Beyond easy to hit, long, straight, amazing.

Cons: not too pretty, but who cares.

Another one of those bargain bin finds that are too good to be true. As soon as I hit one flush (happens quite a bit with this club) I knew it was mine. 


The Mitsubishi Javln shaft is absolutely awesome and one of the only stock shafts that I play on woods/hybrids. When I hit this right, I can hit it scary long. There's times I've sat 220 out and thought, I better just lay up with a 4 iron rather than take the chance of overshooting with this thing.


May be my favorite club in my bag.

Adams Idea Tech A4 Hybrid

Adams Golf Idea Tech A4 Hybrid Introducing the latest extension of the No. 1 hybrids on tour- the Idea Tech A4 Hybrids that give golfers the versatility and high performance results they ve come to expect from Adams Golf. Built with Adams patented Boxer Technology that maximizes MOI (moment of inertia) through geometric shaping to deliver straighter, longer shots. Features: More forgiveness and 18% higher MOI than Adams leading Pro Gold hybrid Interchangeable sole weight allows for swingweight adjustments Increased ball speed and greater distance through pull-face construction and high-strength Maraging steel face High performance, premium Mitsubishi Javln FX shaft

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