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Adams Insight Tech A4 Fairway Wood


Pros: Straight, hybrid-life feel

Cons: Lower ball flight off the deck

This wood is labeled a "Hybrid-FW" and it certainly feels like it. This fairway wood is similar to it's sister clubs the popular a4 Boxer series of hybrids. It has a box shaped head and feels like it has a slightly heavier head weight. I got the 3-wood with 15* of loft.

Overall, I found it pretty easy to hit. Almost every half-decent swing produced a straight shot. It's reasonably, but not incredibly, forgiving distance-wise on mis-hits. Far toe shots lost a lot of distance, but anything near the center of the face got reasonable distance. On clean hits I hit it about 20 farther than my 19* a4 Boxer 3-hybrid.

The launch angle is listed on the Adams website as "mid-high", and that seems appropriate. I struggled to get much height with it hitting off the deck, but if I teed the ball up about 1/4 inch I could definitely get height from it. Typical trajectory was not very high, but high enough.

Hitting it off the deck was easier than I expected. It has a slightly deeper clubface, but contact wasn't hard to make on a tight lie. As noted above, it was hard to get much height off the deck, but I'm not the best of ball strikers so I'm sure a better player could get a better trajectory than I. Nonetheless, I did have a few good successes off the deck with it. There's a par-5 at my local course that usually plays into the wind and so I like to use this club to keep the ball lower. I've had a few successful 220+ yard hits into a moderate wind off the deck.

Overall, it's a 3-wood that I trust and it serves as a good safety club when I want to avoid the driver. It's easy to hit (especially off a tee) and easy to keep safe.
Adams Insight Tech A4 Fairway Wood

Adams Insight Tech A4 Fairway Wood By combining the easy-to-hit features of Adams industry-leading hybrids, along with the added distance of their fairway woods, the Insight Tech A4 Hybrid-Fiarway Woods give golfers the perfect option for those long, tight shots out of the rough, in the fairway or off the tee. Built with Adams patented Boxer Technology that maximizes MOI (moment of inertia) through geometric shaping to deliver straighter, longer shots. Features: Forgiveness of a hybrid with the distance of a fairway wood Internal weighting increases MOI by 17% for added forgiveness Pull-face construction with high-strength Maraging steel face results in a hotter ball flight and extra distance Weight port in the sole precisely positions the CG (center of gravity) and allows for swingweight adjustment Cambered sole for maximum playability from all lies High performance, premium Matrix Ozik shaft

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