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Adams Speedline 9064LS Driver


Pros: Long, affordable, Soft Face, Semi Forgiving, etc

Cons: The Big Head

Well before this driver, I was playing the tour edge cb3 tour and I thought that was the best driver I have ever hit. Well that was before I hit the Adams Speedline 9064ls! this driver is to me is the best driver out there! I was averaging 270-290 with the tour edge and with the Adams, +20 yards more! This driver Looks so good with the all black theme going on with the real RIP shaft too boot! I have hit it all over the face and with this driver you can feel where you actually hit it which I like cause feed back is very important to me and the awesome thing is even when you mishit it, it still goes really well! 1 from 100 I would rate this driver around a 96! It would be a 99 if the head was smaller, I dislike the 460 heads and prefer heads that are 445 or lower but with all the pro's I had to get this driver.. and I have hit every named brand driver on the market and nothing compares to this driver. Also this club is for handicaps about 15 and lower


Pros: Distance and Accuracy

Cons: None

Very forgiving driver. Really straightened the flight of my drives as well, On top of that, it added about 10-15 yards which is always nice to have. Not too used to the 460cc, as my old driver was around 250cc. So the Size at address and sound at impact threw me off at first. But after a couple dozen drives at my local courses range, it was hardly noticed while seeing the ball fly straight w/ great distance.


Pros: everything

Cons: nothing

Best driver I ever hit.  Love everything about it.


Pros: distance and control

Cons: no spin for lower swing speeds

I own the original Speedline with stiff shaft and hit it around 270 yds. I am now going 285-290 easily with this club. I will admit I do have an upgraded x-stiff shaft which helps but the face alone is different. This club still hits it long on miss hits and is better looking too. This club is not for slower swing speeds as this is a players club. The work ability was awesome. There is a tingy sound at impact but still sounds better than any Callaway or Cleveland I've ever hit. After hitting multiple drivers the only club close to the performance of this driver was the new Titelist. Most people who do not like this driver are those who are higher handicaps and should work their way up to this club. You will not go wrong with Adams Speedline.

Adams Speedline 9064LS Driver

Adams Speedline 9064 Driver More Speed = More Distance. The Adams Speedline 9064 Driver provides 15% lower spin, for increased distance with forgiveness. It features 4th generation patent-pending aerodynamic design for more club head speed. Choice of Aldila RIP Alpha or Gamma shafts

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