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Nice Shoes...Steep Price

A Review On: Adidas Men s adiPure - White/Black/Silver Golf Shoes

Adidas Men s adiPure - White/Black/Silver Golf Shoes

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Pros: Comfortable, Waterproof

Cons: High Price, design makes them hard to clean

     These are very nice golf shoes that are quite comfortable and do an excellent job of repelling water for an entire round. They come with a 2 year waterproof warranty, 1 year free replacement and the 2nd year is pro-rated.

     I purchased these on sale for half price at the end of last season and even at half price they were $150.00. While I like the shoes a lot it is unlikely that I would spend $300.00 on a pair, that is more money than I spend on very high end work boots that I wear 10-12 hours a day that are reinforced with steel. My only pet peeve considering their performance is that the 3 stripes which are not attached to the actual shoe boot that are part of the style tend to trap dirt under them which can be annoying to clean out. Overall the shoes do deliver on comfort, performance and traction with the only major flaw being the MSRP. 

     If you can get them on sale I would highly recommend getting a pair as you will not be disappointed. 


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