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Alphard Duo Golf Cart


Pros: Well made, easy to use

Cons: Not easily stored in bag rooms or switched to carts mid-round

Duo Golf Cart by Alphard

Golf Cart and Golf Bag combo




Note:  It is my understanding that some small changes are still being made to this product and I will note such as I know them.  I do not know that price of the product nor how it will be distributed.


I also took many pictures of the product but had the unfortunate circumstance of losing the camera with many of my photos. I will mostly include the photos from the website and others I solicited from the company.  Their photos are much better quality but do represent what I in fact saw and tested.  Other photos are mine.  Their website is quite informative and has many informative videos.


1000        1000




I was impressed with the product, the concept and the implementation.  The look is clean and attention getting.  Everyone who saw it noticed something new right off the bat and liked what they saw from an appearance standpoint.  When I explained to folks that I was tested the unit out, etc. many asked to try it. 


The cart nor bag have any real technological or design flaws.  It appears that the real challenge will be to define its market.  It will be a big hit for those that always use a push cart.  For those that have a mixed use (part time carry or part time power cart) it may take some convincing and deciding.   It has a market that has not existed previously (combination bag and cart). 


I like the product and would have no reservations highly recommending it to my friends.   


The Basics first..

This combination golf bag and cart is 13” x 43” x 18.5” weighing in at 20 pounds out of the box.  The solid (ie. Non-flat non-inflatable) polyurethane front 2 inch wide wheels are 7.5 inches and the rear ones are 11 inches.


The construction is aluminum.  The brake is handle mounted on the right side and easy to use.


The handle has a large console which easily holds the usual keys, watch, wallet.  The mesh pocket below can hold other items as needed…small wet towel, gps unit, or whatever you want..  The handle height and angle were adjustable.  The drink holder hangs off of the console and is on a pivot and will hold both a Gatorade bottle and a soft drink/beer can. The bag has a ball pocket and umbrella tube.  The back wheels apparatus is removable as one piece if one wishes to make it easier to put on a golf cart…


The unique factor (other the one piece bag/cart design) is the outer removable skin. There are two versions of the skins.   The difference in the two is that one has the “cooler pocket” for food storage.

The skin is easy to change. You could purchase a second skin and have one skin loaded for use when using the push cart mechanism and another is traveling and planning on not using the wheels and using a power cart).  This removable skin option allows you to replace your existing skin when the first wears out.



The skins have either 8 or 9 nine zippered pockets as well as a couple or mesh pockets depending on which version.


1000              1000


Here is a picture of bag without any skin..






The testing was done by the author and some anonymous recruits at the Mount Vernon Country Club in Northern Virginia. I recruited others to get a range of user types.  I am 6’7”.  I got a just over 5 foot female single digit regular push cart user to try it, and 6 foot engineer mid handicap male, and another who self volunteered..




When the unit first arrived, there were a couple of issues with getting the unit to open and close easily.  However, once resolved, the cart worked well.  I communicated this information with the company and they noted the issued and were going to put in a fix to make sure what I saw would not happen in the future. 

1000                     1000


The unit came with a 2 page document which was somewhat helpful in getting started.  More helpful was having my Ipad with me that allowed me to go to the website and view the online videos.  I hope they will have a better user manual once they have a final version ready to go.


1000    1000   1000






Clubs fit well in the individual slots.  It even accommodates long putters well.  One of the reviewers uses a long putter and was complimentary of how well it held the long putter.  The clubs do not clank together as the bottom has varied heights to accomplish this and it seems to work quite well …





The smaller width wheels make the cart more maneuverable that some other carts I have used in the past.  The four wheel approach makes it more stable and less likely to fall over on side hills than the 3 wheeled bigger wheeled carts.


The cart was easy to push on all terrains although not as easy to steer on concrete and cement as inflatable tired carts, as would be expected.


Fit in Vehicles


2 testers tried it in their vehicles.  One has a small SUV.. No problem. The other has a Mini Clubman and had no problem either.



Photo from Alphard, not one of the above mentioned vehicles.


What I liked


I liked the ability to “pop and go”.  There was no need to twist a wheel this way, turn a lever, put the bag on, work a strap, etc. etc.  it was just turn the knob, lift and on your way….


I liked that the drink holder kept the drink level.  Other carts with the drink holder in the console make drinks spill for me. As someone who is tall I always have the handle out and as high as possible and therefore the angle gets steep. This seems to solve that problem.  (one reviewer did not like the side holder and actually wanted to see it in the console area but as someone who has the handle and console fairly flat the angle of the drink is not an issue nor is the size of the drink either). The other thing about the drink holder is that it will hold the large Gatorade drinks…



 The cart cleans off easily.. at our facility we have both a hose and compressed air hose.  Judicious use of the water hose and mostly use of the compressed air cleaned everything off quickly and easily.  The aluminum should allow for long life.  The unit appears to be built very well and will last a long time.


As most carts outlast bags, the availability of interchangeable skins will allow you to upgrade/change skins without having to get a new cart.  The skins are very thick and sturdy. They appear that they will last quite a few years.  




Oversized putter grips.


If you use a putter with an oversized putter grip it will not fit in the current putter well. The maker has told me that they plan on offering a skin version that has an external putter well that will accommodate the large putter grips like the SuperStrokes. 


Switch to golf carts mid-round


While it can be done, it requires taking the wheel assembly off (and then storing the assembly somewhere until round it over).  The straps in the power cart will not go around the bag and the assembly with the wheels still on them. This is only an issue if you are someone who tends to walks 9 holes and then sometimes switch to a power cart at the turn.


Bag Storage


If you store you bag at your club, this might not be for you.  All courses have different sized bag storage facilities with different heights and depths.


While the bag will fit, you will have to take the wheels off and store them somewhere.. However, if you are taking the wheels to the car anyway, you might as well take the whole thing and save yourself bag storage altogether.  This way you will always have your clubs with you and ready to go.. 


Lack of Bag Strap (very picky)


Granted this is the most minor of minor items, but ..  there is no single strap on the bag.  Why would you ever want one you ask?  Well, you have taken the wheels off, you are on a power cart, cart path only.. your ball is way way away and you are not sure what club you want.  What do I do?  I grab my entire bag off of the cart and start hoofing it.. (as I said.. very picky)




Alphard Duo Golf Cart

The innovative integration of the golf bag and push cart offers a great deal of benefits, combined as one unit, the Alphard® Duo Golf Cart is incredibly compact and effortless to set up while offering great maneuverability even through tough terrains.

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