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A Review On: Aveo Big & Tall Golf - Flat Front Pants

Aveo Big & Tall Golf - Flat Front Pants

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Pros: Comfortable, Lightweight, Elastic in waistband.

Cons: They look a bit "shiny" in certain light.

If you are reading this, I assume you are big, tall, or, like me, both.  In which case, you probably suffer the same type of frustration as I do when shopping for golf clothing.  When looking though the racks at the golf store, there is really no point shopping by style, because you know that they probably don't carry it in your size, so you're relegated to the clearance rack choosing between lime green and Ricky Fowler orange.  Well, finally, there is a player in the golf clothing market catering to us.  Aveo Big & Tall focuses 100% on the big and tall golfer.  I was fortunate enough to receive a pair of their flat front pants in Navy Blue for this review.


My first reaction upon seeing them was that they seemed a bit, well, "shiny."  The best way to describe it is that in certain lighting, they sort of resemble a pair of rain pants.  Part of that might have something to do with the material, as they are 100% polyester.  It's not a very big deal to me, but it is noticeable.  Here are a couple of pictures:



As far as fit is concerned ... these pants are extremely comfortable, with a lot of room in the thigh area.  This, of course, means that they are very practical from a golf standpoint, because there is no interference whatsoever with your swing.  And although they have the extra room and comfort, they aren't too baggy or sloppy looking.  And, perhaps the best part about the fit is hidden in the waistband:

Subtly built along each side is a little elastic strap.  I would estimate that this allows a couple of inches of leeway in either direction form the stated waist size.  You can gain or lose a few pounds without worrying about the pants becoming uncomfortable or not fitting at all.


Another great feature of these pants is that they are extremely lightweight.  Here in southern California, we don't have many cold days a year, and many days - like yesterday - can start out cool in the morning at the beginning of the round, only to warm up by the time you're finishing up.  Yesterday was a day just like that (52 at 8am, and pushing 80 by the 18th hole)  These pants are light enough that they aren't at all uncomfortable in warmer weather.


I have only worn the pants once, and have yet to put them through the washing machine, so I don't know about any effects washing may have on the pants.  If, after washing, there are any significant effects, I will update this review.


Overall, I am extremely pleased with these pants, and will likely be purchasing some in other colors.  Now, I can't wait until Aveo jumps into the golf shirt market!


EDIT:  A couple of things I forgot to mention:  The pants come in sizes 38,40,42 and 44 waist, and with the choice of a 32 or 34 inch inseam.  Also, as you can see in the top picture, they appear to have about 1.5" or so of extra fabric at the bottom if you need to lengthen them.

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Thanks so so much - I am on cloud 9.  It feels so good to have validation coming from a source as strong as The Sand Trap.
Big and Tall golfers please do give us a try
We are available at www.golfsmith.com or you can visit or website at www.aveogolf.com
And yes indeed shirts are coming soon - and we have some good things in store
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