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Aveo Big & Tall Golf - Pleated Shorts

A Review On: Aveo Big & Tall Golf-Pleated Shorts

Aveo Big & Tall Golf-Pleated Shorts

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Pros: Comfortable, light weight, quality material

Cons: Back pocket could be wider

Aveo Big & Tall Golf-Classic Pleated Shorts is the product I will be reviewing.


I was recently provided with a pair of of these shorts by Aveo with the intent that I would review their product.  I am happy to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed playing golf in these shorts and would not hesitate to purchase another set.  These shorts are made specifically with the Big & Tall golfer in mind and I am thankful.  Too often I visit golf stores with golf apparel but cannot find anything that fits the way I prefer.  Aveo has done well by getting into this market and think they will find great success.


PROS:  These shorts are well made by quality material, comfortable, and lightweight.  They also have an elastic waistband that will be enjoyed by the bigger golfers. 


CONS: The only thing I did not like about these shorts is the back pocket.  I found it to be a bit narrow in comparison to other golf shorts that I have worn.


I played two 18-hole rounds wearing these shorts and also wore them around the house.  As I said earlier, they are very comfortable and light weight.  During my rounds I hardly noticed the shorts at all, which is a good thing.  I never had to pull them up on my waist and never felt restricted in anyway.  The elastic waist band made them very comfortable on my waist and they stayed in place as they should.  The shorts also have a very profession feel/look about them and will be wearable on just about any course that allows shorts to be worn.  Another benefit is there is plenty of material to make size adjustments if they are needed.


I would highly recommend these shorts to any big & tall golfer who is looking for quality shorts that fit properly around the waist and length wise as well.  I loved being able to wear a pair of shorts that didn't stop above my knees length wise. 


These shorts are available at Golfsmith & http://www.aveogolf.com


Thank you so much for the positive review - we put alot into these shorts and are excited to see that you like them
We will adjust the pocket size and shoot for a 5 star rating next time - 
We are always looking for and listening to Aveo customers!!!!!  
Thank you
Quality material: Natural or synthetic?  What colors available? 
Hi Joekelly - the materials are all synthetics and are very high quality.  All have high wicking and nice stretch.  Also very lightweight
Colors currently available are blue, black, and tan (khaki)
Check out www.golfsmith.com to order
I hope you are well
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