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A Review On: Ballzee Golf Ball Cleaner-2 Pack

Ballzee Golf Ball Cleaner-2 Pack

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Pros: Cleans the ball, keeps moisture in

This is a convenient accessory. It slips in your pocket for easy access when you want to clean your ball, which is usually on the putting green when your usual towel isn't conveniently located. Keeping it in my pocket saves me a couple of trips back to the towel on my bag per round. I'm glad I got it

The plastic cover is very flexible and allows you to wrap it around the ball and scrub easily. If you wet the inside and keep it in a pocket, it will stay damp for at least a couple hours, even in the heat, and your pocket won't get wet.

The cloth material inside is very soft. I would actually like it if the cleaning material where a bit more coarse to make the scrubbing a bit easier, but sufficient pressure will definitely clean the ball.


I agree. I have only used it for one round so far, but it was really useful. I was impressed with how long the cloth stays wet. This is one golf gadget I can see myself actually using for a while.
I've been using one of these for about 18 months and it's great but the material is just starting to wear ,still handier than a wet towel though and as B.Con said a little bit of roughness would be better but all in all a must have.