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Ben Hogan's Five Lessons of Golf (iPad App)

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Pros: Useful portable source for Five Lessons

Cons: 3D model is quite frankly crap and nothing like Mr Hogan

Being a HUGE Hogan fan I was immediately interested in the “3D illustrations and animations” to enable 360 degree viewing of key components of Mr Hogan’s swing. Of course with anything there’s always a chance that the designer missed out on key elements of something but I figured it would be worth a shot on the off-chance that some further information could be gleaned on that timeless swing.



The purchase and download process was of course seamless as normal with Apple, after which I was presented with a blurry icon on my home screen for the app (see left)

When running the app for the first time you are able to select whether you are a left handed or right handed golfer which not only adjusts the 3D animation of Mr Hogan, it also horizontally flips all images used throughout the app and even swaps over the use of “left” and “right” in descriptions; a nice touch indeed for those lefties who normally have to try and translate right-handed images and descriptions. You also have the option in this Settings screen to choose font size and whether to listen to the ambient sounds throughout the app.

Once the settings screen has been set up to the user’s taste we are faced with the front screen; a simple image of a Five Lessons logo and a black and white sketch of Mr Hogan with a background that resembles a black and white photo passed through the Photoshop “Coloured Pencil” filter. There’s also a developer logo to the bottom right which links off to a selection of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube links for the company. In the middle of the screen is a button titled “Start The 5 Lessons”

Once we’ve pressed the above button we are given a selection of each of the Five Lessons to choose from or to view the Tutorial or finally Resume the current lesson. The Tutorial simply shows you that certain parts of the user interface are buttons (which you undoubtedly would have guessed anyway by now) and that the text on the left of each page is scrollable by dragging. The 3D animations can be rotated by dragging them and animated using the play/slow/pause buttons. There’s also a description of the animation to be viewed by clicking the speech bubble icon on the animation.

Over all I think it’s a great idea for an app and it’s smartly executed, enabling easy and intuitive use throughout.

Having sung the praises for the app I need to let you know that the 3D model is APPALLING! Key positions in the swing are just plain wrong, the animation of moves is nothing like Hogan's swing, the model loses contact at key points (shoulder moves into the face during the swing, club disconnects from hands, left wrist flexes sideways etc)

It's a real shame that the model is so wrong on every level as it has the potential to be a really (really!) great app for students of Mr Hogan.

Based on the price and the severe limitations of the app I think it'll be rarely used by me; I'd rather stick to videos, interviews and books of Mr Hogan than this. Who knows though, maybe they'll improve it over time?

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Ben Hogan's Five Lessons of Golf (iPad App)

Ben Hogan’s legendary golf career was founded on the core fundamentals of the sport, and he believed that any golfer could improve their game substantially by simply remembering and executing a few basic motions correctly and in sequence. This belief led him to write ‘The Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf,’ a series of lessons which would become the most widely read golf tutorial book on the planet. Now, that celebrated manual of golf is available on the iPad, updated completely with full 3D illustrations and animations demonstrated by a 3D avatar of Ben Hogan, with full interaction and viewing from any angle. Pixofactor, is proud to present the most in depth and complete interactive golf swing tutorial in the world.

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