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If You Want Feedback... Get a Bender Stick

A Review On: Benderstik Golf Training Aid

Benderstik Golf Training Aid

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Mr. Desmond
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Pros: It give feedback and it helped me immensely. Fits in your bag easily. Easily bendable into various positions

Cons: Wind can blow the fuzzy ball around; Getting into a hitting position with the stick takes patience.

Squint here ... with good news. This bendable pole with the fuzzy ball improved my ballstriking immensely.


You need feedback on the range to improve, or an instructor ... preferably both. For the times when an instructor is not around, the golf gods invented training aids. Maddening things really ... most of them collect dust. I recycle my collection and did so with the Big Fuzzy, also known as the Bender Stick.


When I purchased the Bender Stick over a year ago, I took it out a few times and then put it back in the closet. Another $90 ... busted. Then I had this problem. No, it wasn't anything Cialis could cure... I kept thinning shots and fatting them ... maddening really. So I took my "Stack & Tilt" Book, and looked for the cause. I could be moving away from the ball. I put my head against the wall and practiced swings, but that can only do so much. I've got to hit golf balls.


I dusted off the Bender and took it to the range. No one said anything ... I mean it's a big thing. Maybe it's just me. I am a sensitive guy. But again, there was only one other person at the range on a hot 90+  degree weekday. But hey, I did bring it on a Saturday and only a few people stared... probably at my awesome ball striking. I mean, this thing works! I was hitting towering 6 irons! I'm thinking about purchasing a 5i now ... could a 4i be in Mr. Squint's future?


Back to the Yellow Ball. I set the yellow ball against the bill of my hat and took three practice swings for every ball I hit. You can hit a ball with the Bender Stick against your cap, but I prefer to move away and take a Bender-free swing. I felt distracted with my head against a ball and those swings did not obtain great looking results, although it did teach me to not move my head. When I moved to my station without the Bender, I felt free to take a "real" swing. Do both.


Result. Fantastic -- my ballstriking improved leaps and bounds in only 2 sessions. Confidence soared. Before, my irons were inconsistent in trajectory and distance, my Stage 2 Hybrids were looking for a new owner, and my driver was wondering why one of three swings were caught on the heel.


What happened is that my iron trajectory became consistent and high launching (Now I know why these XHot Pros are something else), my hybrids got in the air, and the fairways have hope. I was able to lower the loft on my driver. The gates of golf heaven are opening!! Okay, hold it, Squint. Don't get carried away.


The Bender Stick gave me the feeling I needed to keep me head still and not move it back or sideways during the back and downswing - Rule #1 of 5 Simple Keys is a steady head. I thought mine was relatively steady -- but noooooo (feel is not real ... repeat and rinse). The Bender offered the feedback I needed. I can't believe the improvement.


Yes, the Bender stick has other uses. It can also help with sway, over the top moves, and other feedback. 


Downside? While it works well for the head movement issue, the fuzzy ball tends to move in the wind. Sometimes, it is difficult to feel it against your hip (I wanted to make sure I was not swaying) and it moves. It is a pain at times to get in the exact position you want it and in an address position where the ball is ready for a swing. I think it works excellent as to head movement and OTT (your arms will hit the ball on the way down). It will also show you the amount your hips have slid/moved forward in the downswing (put ball against back hip, swing, and look at space created).


I'm happy that I used the Stick. Take a look at http://benderstik.com for more information. When you receive the "stick", it also comes with a password key that you can use to view the latest videos on its use. Is it worth it? Since one hour of instruction is about its cost, yes.


Here is Mike Bender making his case for the Stick: 


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