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Made in the USA, High Tech Roller by a Putting Innovator - Tech that Works

A Review On: Bobby Grace Amazing Grace High MOI Putter

Bobby Grace Amazing Grace High MOI Putter

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Mr. Desmond
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Pros: High MOI Triangle Design with 5 sets of Tungsten Weights, 38 inch length and 50g backweight; Insert retains energy on off-center strikes, tight roll

Cons: It will not win a beauty contest, but then no high MOI roller wins the bathing suit competition - this is as simple as it gets

This is Industrial, High Technology in a "Born in the USA" High MO! Roller.


Verdict: High Technology Face Balanced Roller with Sufficient Weight for High MOI Yet Easily Maneuverable (it feels like a real putter, not a Tank) and an insert with Tight Roll; and for me, aims where intended.


I know, my fans (;-)) will be shocked, shocked! I tell you to learn that after almost 5 years, I've given my Edel Blade a rest on the bench. It's not the Edel, it's me. I've gotten nerves on some holes - notably the first couple of holes and the last holes, and I want a stable, heavier, high MOI, back-weighted putter that swings itself and doesn't show my nerves over the stroke. 


I am also a fan of the individual putter maker. I rolled Scotty before he was Titleist, and have purchased custom putters from David Mills,  David Edel, and Bobby Grace's designs when he was independent.  Bobby has a long history of wins on the PGA Tour and first gained notoriety when Nick Price was propelled to #1 in the World in 1994 with his use of Bobby's "Fat Lady" putter. 


Before I called Grace to purchase the Amazing Grace High MOI Australian Open and PGA Winner (let's call it the AMG), I shopped at the local PGA Tour Superstore. I tried heavier, longer, high MOI putters, including SeeMore, TaylorMade, Nike, and the Odyssey Tank. The Tank is a putter with a heavy head, heavy shaft, and counterbalanced. The problem is it is too heavy, is not maneuverable, and feels numb off the ball. I did like the Taylormade 38 inch Spyder, but it was too light - I wanted a putter that was just right.


This is a long term test -- and here is the putter:



The sole of the AMG is cool, and the five weights are easily adjustable to stainless (13g each), tungsten (29g each) or

a blend of both. The unseen weight is located in the center rear and all are easily adjustable. It is 38 inches in length

and face-balanced. One could make it a slight toe hang putter by placing the lighter stainless steel weights in the heel.

But I prefer a stable face that takes my hands out of the stroke, and a wide arc to keep it square to the line.



Long Aim Line, No Offset, Heel Shafted. The Classic Amazing Grace now refined. To some, the look may lack artistry, but this

is an artist's putter, not a heavy, numb feeling roller. Draining putts is beauty in itself.


History: I owned the original low volume Amazing Grace Putter with the firm, red insert. It was less refined than the AMG Australian Open and PGA Winning Putter Above. But it did put a tight roll on the ball - you did not see skid. At that time, about 10 years ago, I was changing putters like my underwear - often. The roll on the original Amazing' Grace putter was so tight that I couldn't judge break - or that was my excuse to purchase another putter. But Greg Chalmers didn't need an excuse - he used this putter with a custom bent shaft  to win the Australian Open and PGA in 2011 against a quality field that included Tiger Woods. Chalmers is towards the top of the PGA Tour in putting - and he uses a similar putter. Putter? Puttee? A combo? Who knows? But a win is a win. Ask any manufacturer.


Before I took this AMG out of the plastic, I conducted the Edel Aim Test and discovered that I aimed this putter where I intended. To make sure, I also conducted the test with my Edel, and both were aimed directly at a ball 10 feet away. An aiming adjustment was not needed - great!


I was hoping the Bobby Grace AMG was more playable yet had the heft to quiet my hands, and it does. While the putter has heft, it is still maneuverable while keeping your hands and arms quiet throughout the stroke. When I bought this Australian Open/PGA Winner, Bobby Grace said he was rolling his F-22 when he went to California in the spring for a show. The store bought his F-22 during his demo day. Since then, he has rolled this AMG putter. Bobby claims this high MOI, 38 inch putter with a 50g backweight and five tungsten weights has a high MOI of approximately 10,000.


I said, "Send me one of those."


I typically use a 34.5 inch putter, but to increase the MOI, the upper part of the grip the 3.5 inches that is exposed) and the 50g weight act as a counterweight. The triangle design and tungsten weights in 5 places in the putter head give you an extremely stable club head while being easily maneuverable.


And then you've got a face that only its inventor and a golfer who wants to hole putts, could love:



Face: It is a high radial face with 3 sweetspots - that's marketing lingo informing you that Bobby has developed an insert so the ball does not skid and also retains all of the energy of the true sweetspot on either side. What does this mean on the green? Off-center hits go as far as center contact and this ball rolls immediately and tightly. It works - really. And you see the tri-plane sole? It allows more playability from the fringe as grass interferes with only the middle plane.


And that tight roll? The insert material juts out imperceptibly higher on the face to place topspin on the ball. I looked for the "jutting out" but could not detect it. I will tell you that it does place a tight roll on the ball. In fact, the only way the ball bounces off this face is that you don't have the ball positioned correctly in your stance (towards the middle is not good if the club is coming in steep). The feel of the insert is firm but it it has no click. 


Setup at Address: I am accustomed to a 34.5 inch putter. How does 38 inches work? Just fine, thank you. I placed my Edel and AMG side by side. I took my address position with the Edel and moved my hands over to the AMG. My thumbs are placed over the "R" on "Grace." To ensure I am not manipulating lie angle, I look through the hole in the crown and glance at the center of the tri-plane to check that it is flat on the ground.


I have a neutral setup in term of everything is square - feet, knees, hips, shoulders, eyes, and the putter is in the middle of my chest and the grip is up the pants' zipper. When I put the putter down to the ground, I do not manipulate it, and the face is directly in line with the ball. My eyes are just inside the ball and back an inch. I am trying to eliminate any compensations with my setup.


NIce, but does the AMG Grace Putter work?


Yes - on the putting green. It's not course-driven yet.  For kicks, I dropped a couple of balls and holed 50 foot sliders - 4 out of 5! (left to right break and uphill towards the hole). To see if it was the AMG or me, I dropped three balls for my Edel - it partnered with me to land the three to within 2-3 feet. Great results, but the AMG was uncanny. I was also holing 30 footers - 1 of 3 on three series of balls on right to left slight downhill putts.


I bought the AMG to drop more putts within ten feet, especially the 4 to 5 feet par saving knee knockers. Perhaps because I was more relaxed on the longer putts, not expecting to make them, that I allowed the putter to do the work and a higher percentage of long putts were holed. Shorter putts required an adjustment for speed and a feel for the softer insert. I am accustomed to steel striking ball. But the more I rolled 4-7 footers with the AMG, the more comfortable I grew with the stick. I'm also placing a tighter roll on the ball as I adjusted to all the advantages of the AMG and allowed my big muscles and putter do the work. After 3 days of working with this putter, I expect to make everything.


Consistency: I tend to drop three balls 4 feet from each other and the same distance from the hole. This requires me to read each putt. I found the AMG to roll the three balls close to one another on countless series of putts over 3 days of practice.


Summary: I'm stoked with anticipation. This is a long term test, but the Grace AMG looks to be on the forefront of High MOI and Insert Technology, as well as being a well-balanced roller.



It is a long grip. I place my two thumbs almost parallel to each other, so the grip does not accommodate that setup.

What is do with this grip is have the left hand dominate and stabilize the putter but placing the meaty part of the heel

of my left hand on top of the putter; with the right hand wrapping around the left,  and only the right hand fingers touch the grip.



Side view reveals that the holes of the original "Amazing Grace" are gone, offering the putter a more "solid" appearance.

The headcover accommodates a center-shafted AMG, so heel shafted putters must wrap one finger of the velcro enclosure

slightly around the base of the shaft to close the cover. The finish of the putter head is a satiny white-silver coating that is

refined and elegant. It looks integrated with the aluminum body.


See www.bobbygraceputters.com for more information on all of Bobby's putters.


For an inside explanation of Bobby's high technology features in his putters, see Bobby here:




Thanks for the review playa. I'm going to be looking for a new putter next week....this looks balanced and easy to align. Although I really like the Cobra Face Balanced Mallet that I'm currently rocking, I have a tendancy to yank or pull putts from range....35'+. I love the feel but it's so old I think the shaft might be slightly warped. I bought a Wilson Harmonized mallet a few months back but it lacks touch...not enough response...I know it's me but this looks lime it's worth checking out.....Great review D. You have a knack for describing equipment to the tee....no pun intended
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