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Easy to Launch, Forgiving, Versatile Tour-Quality Fairway

A Review On: Bobby Jones - Jesse Ortiz Fairway

Bobby Jones - Jesse Ortiz Fairway

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Mr. Desmond
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Pros: Shallow face makes it easy to launch, Rounded sole makes it versatile, pleasing, tour-like feel, face angle is adjustable

Cons: If it has a con, then it's not adjustable for loft

This review is for the Bobby Jones Golf Fairway Woods introduced in 2012 by renowned club designer Jesse Ortiz.


Verdict: An tour-like, hot, zingy fairway for the player who likes the XHot but wants a more penetrating trajectory and versatility with a traditional length, quality stock shaft.







The finish and shape of this club - Lexus Pearl Paint with a subtle red outline at the edges - says this club is well thought out and attractive ( I did not find it distracting in the sun). Your eyes go to the design of the high forgiving toe as they recognize the soft and stable high MOI triangle design. I like the look - the white crown makes the club look larger than its actual size and offers confidence. The PVD black finish on the face provides a pleasant contrast to the white crown.


This club performs.


As his inspiration for this fairway, designer Jesse Ortiz looked to his #1 Selling Tri-Metals of the late '90s - shallow face, runners on the sole, gobs of  distance, and quality stock shaft.  This modern fairway is shaped along the modern lines of a soft triangle with a shallow, thin (1.4mm) Carpenter Steel face, runners that help the club glide, and a rounded sole that makes the club versatile from any lie. The face angle is also adjustable - square, 1 closed, and 2 degrees closed.


From the fairway, this club is an easy launcher that gets up but remains penetrating. It has a light, hot, zingy feel that is inspiring and rewards the golfer with excellent distance. From the rough, the ball launches well, but of course, slightly lower than off the fairway. From the teeing ground, I push the tee lower due to the shallow face, and am rewarded with consistently solid contact. The ball launches and penetrates well.


Mated to a Player's Series 58g shaft (others have the Graphite Design G Series), this club is light and maneuverable, giving the player gobs of confidence. Having played the XHot and TM Stage 2 this year, I found the Bobby Jones club more consistent due to its high MOI design and traditional shaft length. I found it forgiving, maybe not as forgiving as let's say the XHot, which has a larger footprint.  But I found the Bobby Jones more playable due to it slightly smaller size and rounded sole. The high toe on the Bobby Jones will help shots towards that area; Ortiz designs sufficient bulge and roll for forgiveness to steer the ball back into play (I found the XHot clubhead, while very forgiving, slightly ballooning in its stock setup; the TM Stage 2 was heavy feeling and inconsistent in launch - more tuned to a higher speed player). The "Hit It" factor and zingy feel (think "Titleist" feel) told me that I received better results with the Ortiz-designed club.


Player Profile: A player who likes the XHot but wants more playability from a variety of lies and a better stock shaft  for a more penetrating trajectory in a traditional shaft length. It is light and maneuverable - an excellent tour-quality club.


This is the fairway that is in my bag. I have complete confidence in it.


(At the moment, this club is selling for $95, and if you want a custom shaft, call Bobby Jones. Jesse will pick up the phone and discuss his clubs and how they meet your needs)

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Bobby Jones is selling this club now at 50% off - $95. Get them while you can.
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