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Bobby Jones by Jesse Ortiz Hybrids make the game fun -- Tour Quality in a Consistent, Versatile, High Launching, Forgiving Club

A Review On: Bobby Jones-Jesse Ortiz Hybrids

Bobby Jones-Jesse Ortiz Hybrids

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Mr. Desmond
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Pros: Rounded Sole with medium footprint for Versatility, easy to launch, consistent, accurate, playable from all lies, adjustable lie, well balanced club

Cons: Not Adjustable for Loft

Verdict: For the golfer who wants a tour quality club with great feel. These clubs offer confidence from any lie, launch easily and high, and are sufficiently forgiving with excellent, but not extreme distance as the shaft is more traditional in length for greater consistency.


On approach shots, you will gain a high trajectory that stops the ball on the green. This club is the very definition of a hybrid -- more forgiving than the comparable iron, higher flight, accurate, big enough to offer confidence, yet still playable from any lie - fairway, rough, bunker, divot. It thrives on initial clean contact and then releases through the ball. It is not a flat sole club - it has a rounded sole, which increases its versatility. But hit that rounded sole too far in front of the ball and steep, and you are punished for that fat shot. Be aware of your ball position. On the other hand, it is a well-balanced club and I found it easier to make clean contact than other hybrids. The secret is to let the club do the work. It is well designed and friendly. Don't try to hit it prodigious distances - the club will go - relax and swing within your limits.


At address, this year old 25 degree hybrid still looks new.



The finish and shape of this club is impressive and tells you the design is well executed. This club looks like a million bucks in your hands. Look at the rounded sole and medium footprint - this club offers confidence and versatility from any lie. The runners on the sole help scoot the club through the turf. Look at the high forgiving toe and recognize the stable high MOI triangle design of the clubhead. The PVD black finish on the face provides a pleasant contrast to the white crown. The only knock on appearance is the transition from the white crown to the PVD face is that the slight offset is noticeable because of the contrast.


This club is a performer on the course. I've gone through a steady diet of hybrids, searching for "the one." The search is over. I've bagged the 25 and 30 hybrids for over 6 months, and added the 21 Hybrid two months ago.


As far as the individual hybrids, I find the 30 is extremely fun to fun to play and accurate for approach shots. If you have "issues" with your 6i, get this club. The 25 is my easy, mid-iron workhorse, and the 21 is surprisingly easy to get "up" although it does demand a slightly better swing for that beauty shot - like all lower lofted hybrids. If you recognize repetitive adjectives in this review, I've written them purposely - these club are confidence builders, fun, accurate, longish, and ... easy.


As his inspiration for this club, Ortiz looked to his #1 Selling Tri-Metals fairways of the late '90s and designed a club that transitions easily from his fairways to the hybrids. - the hybrid face is not too shallow, the runners on the sole glide the club through trouble, and you get gobs of  distance with a quality Graphite Design stock shaft that is designed for this club.  This hybrid is shaped along the modern lines of a soft triangle with a shallow, thin (1.4mm) Carpenter Steel face (thinner than Taylormade hybrids).


The rounded sole above is shown after a year of use. It cuts through the rough and sand, and is at ease from bare lies as well as the fairway.


From the fairway, this club is an easy launcher that gets up and remains penetrating. The club has a feel that is not as zingy as a Titleist, nor is it the thud of a Taylormade -- it is between the two.  I prefer a zingy feel, and this club has sufficient amounts. While not as long as the best strokes with other popular brands, it rewards the golfer with more consistency and excellent distance. It is an easier club to hit well. And when it comes to scoring, well, that's how you score. From the rough, the ball launches slightly lower than from the fairway. From the teeing ground, I push the tee low due to the shallow face, and gain consistently solid contact. The ball launches and penetrates well. If you need that shot under the tree, I don't break my wrists as much on the backswing, and the ball flight begins low and then rises.


Adjustability: If the ball tends to go slightly left or right at the end of the shot, try adjusting the lie - take an easily available wrench, lift the head and turn the club to an upright or flatter lie angle. Tighten the wrench, take a few swings to see if the adjustment works, and then use some lock-tite. The rubber O ring ensures you don't over-tighten. Watch the O ring as you tighten to ensure it remains flush with the hosel.




Shaft: Mated to a Graphite Design G-Series shaft at 70-78g, depending on flex, this club is light and maneuverable, giving the player gobs of confidence. The Graphite Design "made for" shaft seems true to flex, but if you are quick or near its limits, it's best to give Jesse Ortiz a call to find a flex that works, or a custom shaft. Jesse will also work with you if you'd like the club slightly longer or shorter in length.


Forgiveness: While no club can give you complete absolution for poor swings, off-center contact towards the toe or heel will correct and don't lose much distance. You've got plenty of clubhead to offer confidence but not so large that it's detrimental to the club's versatility. But this club is not a fairway wood and does not glide as easily on steep, fat shots as some other hybrids. The rounded sole likes clean contact. If this happens, be aware of your ball position, and read the threads here (www.thesandtrap.com) about getting your weight forward and the club shallowed out. But since the club head is not huge, it is easier to make clean contact and use its versatility to your advantage.


I've hit these hybrids for a year against all other "most popular" brands. I prefer these Jesse Ortiz designed hybrids. Compared to Callaway and Taylormade, I find this 21 and 25 the better club for me as to versatility, consistency, distance, and accuracy ... and ease. I'd say these clubs are closer to Callaway in terms of feel but the Bobby Jones is an "easier", more consistent club - you've got a little more room on the face to make mistakes. But they work best with clean contact, and they are well balanced clubs that will help you make direct contact. If you like a heavier feel without much versatility, I'd say you're a Taylormade guy with a lot of clubhead speed. I think of the Titleist hybrid as a pleasing feeling, yet more demanding club. With the Bobby Jones in my hands, I don't worry about the club. If I place a decent swing on the ball, I'll get a straight, high ball flight. And that's half the battle in golf - the mental game. If a club frees up your mind, you're more likely to make the shot.


Player Profile: If you want a versatile hybrid that's fun -- easy to launch, forgiving, and offers confidence with excellent accuracy and distance, try the Bobby Jones hybrids by Jesse Ortiz. They also transition well with his fairways - another easy-to-hit performer.


I've played Jesse's clubs for almost 10 years, and I keep on coming back to them because his clubs gets better with every edition. These 2012 edition clubs are his best effort in terms of overall playability and ease of consistency. The make the game what it should be -- fun.


And now offered at 50% off at www.bobbyjones.com
Nice review Mr. Desmond
Thanks, Tristan. This third draft is more organized than the initial review. I will add this club is very friendly. I've always found Jesse's club to be a perfect fit for the average golfer. They are not too heavy or light - and are well balanced and designed with a lot of features. But this hybrid is not a fairway wood and is not flat or barely rounded. The rounded sole is versatile but it works best with clean contact. Fat shots will lose a little more. But it's odd. I found this club a lot easier to hit consistently. I've worked on eliminating the fat shots, it's been a detriment for over 2 years. Once I get to one swing thought, it will be weight forward - and with these hybrids, once I remind myself to get a little more aggressive with the lower body, these work great - they are not heavy or big and it only takes a small adjustment for clean contact.
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