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Putting stroke has become more consistent

A Review On: Boccieri Golf Heavy Putter EL Series

Boccieri Golf Heavy Putter EL Series

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Pros: Putter feels like it one piece rather than a weight at end of shaft

Cons: slightly more expensive than standard grip

Note:  I was sent 3 three grips for irons and one putter grip.  This review covers both the iron grips and the putter grip.   I put the grips on my gap wedge, 4 iron and 5 iron.  I did so thinking that I did not want to mess up the core part of my set.  After playing two rounds with the clubs I went and had the rest of the set done. I think that fairly well says what I think of the grips.  I will mention that I went online and found a coupon where I could either get my 7 iron done for free or a buy 3 get one free deal.   I went for the latter and for the price of 4 got 6 done.  The price was $13.95 each and so far quite worth the price.   The putter grip is listed as 24.95 and likewise is worth the price. I have been a fan of back weighting of putters for a while and their putter grip does not disappoint.  It is nice to have a non-OEM grip available to retrofit older putters with the back weighting. 

Both putter and iron grips have a weight in the butt end (17 grams) and are made of heavier rubber that standard.  However, after a few swing the feel is no longer and issue and the contact I started making was the key.  I started hitting my 4 and 5 irons (and later the rest of my irons) crisper that I have in years.  I am not sure I can diagnose the reason for you and quite frankly do not really want to over think the issue.  I just know that I am able to swing easier and hit harder than before (where have I heard that before?  “Swing easy, hit hard”).  As a result of the better contact I am getting a few more yards per club and adjusting accordingly.    I have not tried putting the grips on any drivers yet and will edit the review when and if I do.

The grips are longer than normal and allow you to grip down just a bit.  This came very naturally to me and I really did not notice it at first.  On the putter grip, which is a pistol style grip, my hands felt right at home.  While I would think that this would make the putter head feel too light and not very stable, just the opposite happened.  The putter felt as if it were one piece rather than a weight down at the bottom of the shaft that needed controlling.  My stroke was very stable and the putts true.  My distance control seems to be improving the more I use it and this grip will remain on the putter.  I was able to concentrate on my line.  The speed seemed to take care of itself and the putter stayed on line.  Most misses were due to mis-reads. 

As a test, I wiped off the grips after 5 rounds and the rag came away clean.  I played one round in a fairly good drizzle and the clubs were very good even though I do not use a glove at all.  They appear that they will last a long long time as they are made of a heavy duty rubber.

The only part I cannot review at that moment is how long they will actually last and if the weight will stay in well.  I read the internet to see if I could find anything on problems with this and did not.

I am now sold on the back weighting of all clubs and you will see these on my clubs from here on out.  The “Secret” is out..  Next thing to try… My driver.  I am already planning on regripping my scoring wedges next time I go by the store.




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