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Bridgestone B330 Balls 2011

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #51 in Golf Balls


Pros: Great distance, durability, plenty of options

Cons: Relatively low spin

From the conclusion of my review of all of the Bridgestone Tour B330 golf balls:

No matter what type of game you play, Bridgestone has a golf ball for you. Serious players looking to compete at the highest level should check out the Tour B330 or Tour B330-S. Average swingers looking to still get a little grab around the green qualify for the Tour B330-RX or Tour B330-RXS. Need a little help finding your golf balls in the tall grass? The Tour B330-RX in Optic Yellow is you best bet. If you prefer to play pitch shots that fly to the hole and stop on a dime, the Tour B330-S or Tour B330-RXS should be right up you alley. Need to play bump and run shots around the greens? The Tour B330 or Tour B330-RX will give you the flexibility to do so. They really have everyone covered.

I'm not someone who switches equipment everyday (I still play an r7 SuperQuad driver), so for me to make such a quick jump to a new golf ball is really saying something. If you like to have the utmost control over your golf game, premium balls are the way to go. While for some people they might be too expensive (it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to play a $4 ball if you are going to lose two balls per hole), everyone else owes it to themselves to find the golf ball that is right for you.
Bridgestone B330 Balls 2011

Bridgestone B330 Golf Balls Featured on Golf Digest s 2010 Hot List, the Bridgestone B330 Golf Balls the B330 golf balls maximize Tour-caliber performance for highly skilled players with varying swing speeds. Features: Gradational core for explosive initial velocity and reduced driver spin Inner mantle for smooth power transition and maximum distance Outer mantle for high repulsion and workability Urethane cover with seamless 330 dimple design for pinpoint accuracy

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