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Good mid-priced ball

A Review On: Bridgestone e5

Bridgestone e5

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Pros: Distance, durability, spin

This review is for the 2010 model of the e5. I bought it at reduced price once the 2011 version came out, but for the "value" rating I assumed the standard price of $26.99. Also, for what it's worth, I tried the e5 coming from playing the Gamer v2, so most of this comparison is against the Gamer v2.

The e5 is designed to fly higher than a typical ball. I didn't notice any ball flight difference in my short and mid irons. I did, however, notice that my ball flight on flush hits with my hybrids and driver would peak a little higher and I got the impression that their total distance was a little longer.

Being a two-piece ball, the e5 had a solid feel off the tee and with my long clubs -- not too hard, but not soft either. Definitely not the feel of a 3-piece ball. Off the putter, it felt a little hard and sounded a little clicky. The e5 is definitely not a soft ball, but it's not a rock. It's somewhere comfortably in the middle, but not as soft as the Gamer v2.

Since the e5 has a urethane cover, I was hoping for some good wedge spin. I was not disappointed. I once hit a 30 yard pitch over a short tree onto a downhill green with my 52* wedge opened up a little bit. The e5 only rolled out 8 to 10 feet. It wasn't even a great pitch (I hit a bit fat) so I was impressed that the ball held onto the green as well as it did on a downhill lie. I had a couple full PW shots that only rolled out 6 or so feet. I think that it matched the Gamer v2's greenside spin, if not slightly exceeding it, and is probably as good spin as a ball will get for under $30.

I was impressed with the e5's durability. I was afraid that the urethane cover wouldn't fair well in wedge play, but it turned out that I had nothing to fear. I played the same ball through 9 holes on a pitch-n-putt course (a bunch of full wedge and half wedge shots) and didn't get a scratch on it. I don't hit the spinniest of wedge shots, but between that and the few holes I used it for on the next full course I played, I was impressed to not see a single scratch show up. It's a little more durable than the Gamer v2.

Overall, compared to the Gamer 2, I felt like I got a little more performance for a little more money. At the same price, I'd go for the e5. At an extra $7/dozen for the e5, it's kind of a toss-up depending on how many balls I anticipate going through.


Agree. B-Con, I like your game--I mostly alternate between the e5, the V2, and the D2 Feel.
The e5 flies higher for me compared to the other two, but doesn't spin as much for me as the V2. I'd say the e5 is a D2 Feel with a slighter better ball flight and overall distance. The V2 is like a D2 Feel that spins better.
Interesting that we disagree on the spin. When (or if) I get around to testing the e5 again, I'll pay close attention to the greenside spin.
your experience with the spin is consistent with the GD 2008 ball test. GD measured the spin and launch angle of 30 different balls hit by half wedge shots. The results of their testing showed that the 08 e5+ spun more than the original Gamer.
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