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Bridgestone e6

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Rated #64 in Golf Balls


Pros: Straight, soft and lively feel, orange and yellow colors

Cons: not easy to stop on greens, pricey

I know that hooks and slices are caused by the swing, but the E6 minimizes any sidespin.  The E6 has a nice soft feel and seems to jump off the club face.  Durability is good.  When chipping, allow some room for rollout on the green.  Trajectory is higher than average but does not balloon.  A good ball, but the price seems a bit steep.

Bridgestone e6

Bridgestone e6 2010 Golf Balls The Bridgestone e6 2010 golf ball employs a newly enhanced anti-side spin inner layer that kills excess spin for an even straighter and longer flight. As the softest multilayer golf ball available, it reduces hook and slice spin for long and straight distance. Features: Soft gradational compression core Newly enhanced anti-side spin inner layer Soft surlyn cover 330 seamless dimple design

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TheSandTrap.com › User Reviews › Equipment › Golf Balls › Bridgestone e6