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Bridgestone e7

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #53 in Golf Balls


Pros: Feel, Low driver spin, Distance

Cons: Green-side spin

First let me start with the negatives, I've notice only one big flaw with this ball and that is it's green-side spin.  This ball features a Surlyn instead of a urethane cover.


What this ball lacks in greenside spin, it greatly benefits in longer distance shots.  The ball will stop on a dime from distance and it produces very little side spin off the driver.  Compared to the Titleist ProV1 this ball is exceptionally durable and travels as far if not further on average.  I play a slight fade off my driver and have average just over 280 yards with the e7 compared to high 270's with the ProV1.  The reduced side spin is where I believe this change came from.


The Bridgestone e7 is advertised as a lower trajectory ball, I have noticed no difference in trajectory and have not had any issues with that.  If you're looking for a lower trajectory this ball may not be the answer. 

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Bridgestone e7

Bridgestone e7 2010 Golf Balls The Bridgestone e7 2010 golf ball is for those players who need a slightly lower trajectory or perhaps already have an ideal trajectory but are seeking longer distance. Its High speed multilayer construction provides maximum distance performance and a more penetrating ball flight. Features: High speed gradational compression core Velocity boosting inner layer Reactive surlyn cover 330 seamless dimple design

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