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Bridgestone Golf 2014 Tour B330 Golf Balls

67% Positive Reviews
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I've played three rounds with the B330.  I wanted to like the ball, but it just isn't a good fit for me.  I typically play either a NXT Tour or Pro-V1, so I can't help but compare this ball to my norm.


The B330 did not spin or check for me on pitches and chips.  I like to pitch and chip with backspin rather than allowing the ball to roll forward.  I couldn't achieve my usual control with the B330.  I tried hitting consecutive shots with the B330 and a Pro-V1, and the Pro-V1 far outperformed.


Off the tee, there was no spin of note.  Ball flight was low to mid, which is preferred.  This is certainly not a distance ball.  Even on my best swings, I lost distance from both carry and roll.


Overall, the B330 feels very soft and spongy.  Putting was noticeably different as I felt as though I had to hit the B330 harder than my usual balls.  I guess I prefer a ball with a firmer outer shell.  Even off the tee, the ball felt too squishy, lacking rebound.  Some players may prefer this, but it just wasn't for me.


The softness affected the durability.  The B330 picks up scuffs easier than the Pro-V1 and much easier than the NXT Tour.  I'd imagine playing this ball perhaps three rounds of regular wear and tear before replacing it.  I suppose that's pretty typical, but the B330 seems easier to damage.


I wonder if I just don't have the consistent swing speed to take advantage of this ball.  It's geared toward 105+.  While I think I'm hovering somewhere in the 100-110 range on driver swings, I may not be consistent enough to meet what the ball requires.


I gave a few to a playing partner, and he really liked them, though for the price point, he said he wouldn't switch from the Pro-V1.


Overall, I won't be playing the B330s, though I'll certainly check out the other offerings from Bridgestone, as I have liked playing their balls in the past.


Pros: Distance, softness, low side spin

Cons: Concentric dimples

This is my first foray into the B330 line of Bridgestone balls, although I have on occasion played the e6 or e7.  I have only had a few weeks with the product, but, so far, the performance is impressive,  The first time playing this ball was on a day of relatively strong and gusty winds that affected almost all tee and approach shots.  The Tour B330 excelled in these conditions.  Tee shots seemed to penetrate the headwind gusts and held their trajectory in cross winds.  I am a high ball hitter which is generally a hindrance in windy weather but felt l had complete control with this ball.  Ensuing rounds were less breezy but the performance remained high.  I rarely (cough... cough...) slice the ball with the driver but on the few tee shots that hinted at fading the side spin of the B330 was perceptibly subdued. Near the green the audition continued well.  I normally play the Titleist NXT Tour and while the Tour B330 is a lower spin premium ball, it (the B330) spins more than the NXT.  It is rare that I generate much backspin but several chips skipped and checked rather quickly.  In fact, it took some time to adjust.  On the green, the ball feels great off the putter face; soft yet responsive.  My only complaint regarding this product, the dimples within the dimples, is minor, completely aesthetic, and almost assuredly mental.  I realize the dimples are hardly apparent at address but I still know they are there.  In summary, the Bridgestone Tour B330 is a solid, high-performance ball that rivals any ball at the premium price point.   


Pros: Distance, Softness around the greens

Cons: None.

I had already been experimenting with Bridgestone balls lately (successfully, I may add), so I was excited when I was given the opportunity to try out a ball from their 2014 line.  The first step in the review process was to get fitted.  The Bridgestone website has a very user-friendly fitting tool, and you can be paired with your ideal ball with either general information about you and your game (age, sex, driving distance, yadda, yadda, yadda) or if you have launch monitor data on yourself, you can go that route.  That is the route I sent, and the tool found that the B330 would be the perfect fit for me.


The B330 is the ball geared towards the players with faster swing speeds (>105 mph) that prefer a little less spin.  I don't care about backing up my approach shots, but I do like the idea of minimizing my curve on tee shots, so it seemed to me like the perfect fit.


The balls came with a promotional letter highlighting the technical differences from the previous model of the ball.  Directly from that letter:  "The new B330 series features our most innovative core design since our patented Gradational Compression technology was introduced over a decade ago.  Our new HydroCore Technology allows us to incorporate water into the mixing process to enhance the cores gradation.  The direct benefit to you is a softer center for reduced driver back spin and a firmer outer region for faster ball speed.  The result, more distance off the tee and a more controllable ball flight."  That may sound a little bit too technical, but the key part is the end ... A MORE CONTROLLABLE BALL FLIGHT.


In four rounds of testing, I have yet to find something about the ball that I do not like.  Now, I should mention that I've always found it hard to really compare balls over short periods of time simply because I am not that good of a golfer.  Did that drive just go further than the last one because of the ball, or because I took a better swing?  Who knows.  But over the course of those 4 rounds, I was more consistently in the fairway than I have been in a long time.  I typically lose 1 or 2 balls per round, and in those 4 rounds, I've lost one.  I believe that the ball has contributed something to that equation - even if its just a little bit of confidence.


Distance-wise, I can't say I noticed a very big difference compared the last year's B-330S that I'd been playing, or the ProV1 that I also play occasionally.  They are all pretty comparable.


Spin-wise, this ball definitely has a little bit less than the B330S and the ProV1, but I prefer it that way.  I don't want a ball that will suck back off the green on a wedge shot, I want one that will hit and stay.  The B330 does exactly that.  When I hit a solid shot onto the green with a mid-to-short iron, most times the pitch mark was very close to where the ball ended up.


Around the greens - pretty much the only place where I can be really picky about a ball - the B330 has been excellent.  If there is anything I insist upon, it is a soft feeling ball off the putter face, and the B330 is exactly that.  I don't want a hard feeling ball or a "clicky" sounding ball, I want something that feels "smooth" on a putt or pitch.


So, in conclusion, I am quite happy with this ball.  I will definitely continue to put it in play, and if I ever lose the 11 remaining ones, I will almost certainly be purchasing more.  Below are a few photos, with the last one showing the "dimple in a dimple" pattern quite well.





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Bridgestone Golf 2014 Tour B330 Golf Balls

The NEW Tour B330 features Hydro Core Technology, designed to reduce spin for longer distance. Combined with Bridgestone's patented 330 Dual Dimple Urethane cover and 4-piece construction, the B330 will provide tour level performance and distance for players who swing above 105 mph.

FeatureNew Hydro Core optimized for swing speeds above 105mph Re-engineered Dual Mantle design reduces spin for longer distance New softer Tour proven Urethane cover for excellent greenside control
LabelBridgestone Golf
ManufacturerBridgestone Golf
PublisherBridgestone Golf
StudioBridgestone Golf
TitleBridgestone Golf 2014 Tour B330 Golf Balls (Pack of 12)
Item Weight1 pounds
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Package Height1.9 inches
Package Length7.4 inches
Package Weight1.45 pounds
Package Width5.6 inches
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