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Bridgestone Golf 2014 Tour B330 RX Golf Balls

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #2 in Golf Balls


Pros: Very durable, great for hop and stop iron play and straight off of the driver.

Cons: Does not allow for working the ball side to side.

~~I need to preface this review: I was fitted online for Tour B330, what I received from Bridgestone was Tour B330RX. As I have never played any type of Bridgestone ball I did not think anything of it until after playing three rounds with these balls.


That being said:


1) The first round I played with the B330RX and felt that I simply had a bad day since I had allot of straight push misses and ended up short on quite a few approaches. Overall I thought that the ball felt soft off of every club except for the putter. The flight seemed to be a little low off of the driver but seemed fine off of my irons.


2) The second round that I played with the B330RX I decided to compare side by side with my Titleist Pro-v1 since the the first day went so poorly. I found that most of my pushes seemed to be mostly in part to the lack of side spin allowed by the B330RX, I like to work the ball allot (mostly right to left) therefore explaining my "push misses". I know this because in comparing side by side I can honestly say that the same shots that were missing right with the B330RX were drawing like normal with my Pro-v1. In the side by side comparison: The B330RX did not seem as soft off of the putter, not as long off of my irons, longer off of my driver, and backspin seemed similar on full shots but less on pitch and half shots.


3) The third round I decided to play just the B330RX with the intent of not working the ball (harder than it seems) and playing half a club more on iron shots. This seemed to showcase what this ball could do since I hit 16 gir and missed only one fairway on my way to a 74 (par 68). I still did not like the way that it felt off of the putter but was starting to get used to the feel of it off of irons. In closing I would have to say that this is the most durable ball that I've played in years as I played two balls in two rounds and in the end both were still playable. I don't think I will be switching to Bridgestone unless I see some Tour B330s on sale.



*since originally writing this review I played three more rounds with this ball with decent results but still not the ball for me...

My boss (who I gave one sleeve of balls to)absolutely loved them and has since then switched from Bridgestone e6 to these balls and my brother in law (who I also gave one sleeve to) has been playing this ball since, switching from whatever he found and plans on continuing to play this ball.





Pros: Durabiltity

Cons: Driver Spin

This will be short and sweet.

- Spin
Approach shots: Everything -- and I mean EVERYTHING -- stopped and grabbed immediately (from wedge to 5-iron).
Around the greens: GREAT, allowing to be aggressive going at pins if short-sided.

- Feel/sound
I'm not picky in this area, but had zero complaints.

- Distance
Off the tee: My spin rate is a little high anyway, so I didn't get great distance off the tee. But based on other attributes of the ball, it's well worth it.

- Durability
I saved this for last because I think it's important. I found the B330 RSX to be absolutely SUPERIOR in terms of durability. Compared to ProV1's, the Bridgestone was much more durable unless you hit a tree at close range or bounced one off a cart path.

It doesn't seem like I play a ProV more than 6-8 holes without it looking like it needs to be retired. In comparison, I found the B330 RX to last much better.


Pros: Nice flight, nice off the putter, good distance, very durable

Cons: Pricey,more expensive than my normal gamer

When I was picked to test these balls out I was elated.  I have only one experience with Bridgestone balls and that was the 2010 e-5.  I was definitely dissatisfied with those balls.  Felt like hitting rocks.  I was quite pleasantly surprised with the new Tour B330RX.


I will break this down to 5 different categories: Distance, Spin, Putting, Durability and Overall Feelings.  


A little background on me.  I am about a 20 handicap, shoot mid 90's but can score as low as mid 80's or up to 110.  My swing speed with driver is about 98-100.  My normal gamer is a Callaway Chrome +.


Distance:  I think that the distance was similar to what I am used to.  I love how the ball felt off of all my clubs.  It has a nice mid high trajectory but I never felt that the ball was ever ballooning on me.  My normal gamer the Chrome + was longer on drives, but about neck to neck compared to irons, hybrids and fairway woods.  


Spin:  I felt that the Bridgestone definitely checked up on the green and had little to no roll out on half and full wedge shots.  The true test for me was 150-200 out shots.  The Bridgestone actually performed a little better than my Chrome + as far as roll out after hitting the green with longer shots.


Putting:  Now that we are on the green lets putt.  I felt the ball had a true roll and did not feel too soft or firm.  Putting is all about feel and sound and although the sound off the putter wasn't unpleasant, I just didn't care for it.  I like a muted click.  The Bridgestone Tour B330RX was louder than I like.  I can probably get used to it but I love how the Chrome+ feels off the putter.


Durability:  This ball lasts and lasts and lasts.  I played a total of 2 1/2 rounds before I retired 1 ball in a lake.  It didn't matter if it was a full wedge or half wedge shot this ball just took it.  Even when it received cart path love the scuff was minimal. I am definitely impressed


Overall Feelings:  I really really liked this ball and it does not disappoint.  I gave a sleeve to one of my normal playing partners and he loved it as much if not more than his normal gamer Bridgestone e-6.  I will definitely give Bridgestone another look.  I was so disappointed with the e-5 that I tried I didn't think I would ever consider a Bridgestone ball.  The only thing holding me back is the price.  I am not comfortable spending on the Pro-V1 level for balls yet.  But I definitely think I will give the e-5/e-6/e-7 family another chance.


Pros: Durable soft feeling ball

Cons: Doesn't float

I got the Bridgestone B330 RX to review. Without access to either a TrackMan or FlightScope I can't really say much about the relative length vis a vis other balls from an empirical standpoint. I do have a Game Golf device but the result have been inconclusive. I am sure most, if not all variation, is due to the vagaries and variations found in the swing of an amateur (i.e. me) whose index can swing from 9.5 to 12.2 and back in any given two month measuring period.  I will say that it is every bit as long as the Titleist ProV1x and Callaway SR.


I took the Bridgestone ball test at their display in Orlando in January to verify that I was in fact using the correct ball in the Bridgestone line. I was. In the test, The ProV1x slightly edged out the 330RX but then again that was based on 5 hits each after walking around for 6 hours and hitting a random driver not my own.


The B330RX had a nice clean dimple in dimple look, is quite durable, does not float, and appears to have the same spin as the ProV1x. They responded well off of my wedges near the green. They feel solid and soft off the putter face.


The Bridgestone balls are just as good as any out there and should be given a chance by everyone. I have yet to be convinced that there is enough of a difference between brands to make a difference. Pick the one the manufacturer says is right for your swing speed and go out and knock the cover off of it.


Pros: Consistent feel, excellent heighth, good distance, durable, optic yellow available

Cons: a little less spin than what I like, price is a little high

The B330RX is an all around good ball for players with swing speeds shy of 105 it's flight characteristics and distance rival all other high end urethane balls if not passing them in this market. I played at least 5 rounds with the B330RX and came away with nothing but good things to say about it, not once during any round did I ever feel I was being compromised for the shot I wanted to hit because of the ball. Best shot to date with a B330RX was a 3 wood from 241 yards to pin, ball flew straight and true wound up 25' past the pin. This ball putts very true with a good feel that works well on quick greens. Approach shots had to be played a few yards shorter than my normal ball just because the greens I play on are very firm and a higher spin ball like the 330RXS maybe would have worked a bit better but I'm sure on most other courses this ball checks nicely so no real deduction on that. Around the greens chip and pitch shots seemed to have sufficient spin to get the ball where I wanted it. Overall I was very pleased with the performance of the B330RX and would like to try the RXS version in the near future, the only thing that would hold me back from purchasing these golf balls regularly is just the price, If I wasn't able to find competitor's balls with similar performance at nearly $15.00 less I'm sure I would probably switch, also I prefer the optic which gives these balls another plus since it's available.


Pros: Very durable, soft, nice sound

Cons: Pricey

I have been able to play 3 rounds with these balls. My usual ball is the Penta TP5. I would say there is little noticable difference between this ball and the Penta. I feel this ball has less spin around the greens.

These have the classic dimple within a dimple look which may not be for everyone, but otherwise this feels like a premium ball when you hold it.

From the limited time I have used these I do feel my driver distance has increased some due to roll but I have also not held the green as much as with the Penta TP5.

I would convert to these, price being equal.


Pros: Very controllable

I received the Tour B330-Rx. I've been playing for about a year and usually play the Pro v1 (because I get them for free from a neighbor).


- Durability     

The first thing I noticed about the Bridgestone ball was the durability. After several holes there was little sign of scuffing at all. In fact I played two rounds before I tossed it into the practice bucket.


- Feel/sound   

Noticeable softer feel and sound, especially off the putter.


- Distance     

My average drives are, at the longest, 240 after roll out. Not much difference on the distance from the Pro-vs but not as forgiving either. I have a small slice that shows up when I rush the swing on my drive. With the B's that slice was more dramatic. Not unusual to have the drive end up on the adjacent fairway.    


-Launch angle  

Very consistent launch angle with the B's. I usually have several that either balloon or chase the ground squirrels with the Pro-vs. The B's consistently had that nice angle up to apex and then down. Very easy to draw the ball when I needed to.


- Spin            

Big difference was the spin. The B's hold the green and hold the line better on the putts. I could see myself playing these as my regular ball. Thanks Bridgestone.


Pros: Less spin off drives

Cons: Ball skids off on harder suface when hit at lower trajectory

My review is for B330 RX.  I have used B300 RX ball before.   As I remember, the balls went long with medium trajectory, and did everything fairly well.  I loved it.  If I didn't like B6 more, this would be the ball of my choice from Bridgestone.   So, my expectation of the latest B300 RX was high going into review.


The box came with an insert that described the ball as having less spin (achieved by having thinner cover).   It didn't disappoint me.  The ball seems to go straight off tee more than my usual.  I saw less side movement for my ball flights.   Not bad.  It also kept its medium trajectory from its previous models.  Not bad, II.   But it didn't add noticeable distance for my drives.  It went as far as other "distance" balls I have been using.  Not bad, but not good enough to dump by cheaper distance balls over B300 RX.


Hybrid shot distance was a different story.  I usually hit my hybrid about 170 - 185 yards.  With this ball, I had number of shots that went 200+ yards.   It got me into trouble on few holes b/c of it.  Instead of ending up on green from 170 yards out, a few balls went well past green.   Where did I get the extra 20 - 30 yards?   Having less spin can't be the reason.  At best, less spin should only added 5 - 10 yards if any.  And why didn't I gain 20 - 30 yards consistently on most shots?   It seems to happen once every few shots.    After 3 - 4 rounds, I finally figured it out.  On tight fairways and hard green, a ball hit at lower trajectory skidded off surface, hopped & rolled forever.   This explained why on some shots, my 170+ hybrid shot ended up going 200+ yards.   This "skidding' phenomena didn't happen with other balls I have used.   


The above skidding also happened with mid/long irons albeit less often.


All other aspects of this ball is similar to its predecessor and other comparable balls.   So, I would not go into details on those. 


Pros: Felt great off of wedges and the putter. Ball felt soft

Cons: A little shorter than my normal ball

The ball I received was the 330RX series. The only stats I have on myself from a recent driver fitting is that I hit the range balls with a ball speed of 128 MPH and a spin rate of about 2400.


Apparently I was the first one to receive these and am still playing them as I have only donated 3 so far. My playing partners thought that I was playing so well with them that I should share the wealth and they questioned whether or not the ball was conforming.


My normal ball is the Srixon Q-star (yellow)


Looking through my numbers, the only number where the Srixon beat out the 330RX was in driving distance - since the average drive was only 3 yards less with the Bridgestone, I would call it a negligible difference. I did not experience any excess side spin on my drives and my percentage of fairways was similar to my previous rounds.


I do not play hybrids and during testing the only wood in my bag is my 9 wood. Off of this club the Bridgestone landed very softly with very little (if any) roll out.


The ball felt nice off of my irons - same distance I have experienced with other balls.


Chipping / wedges - I am a 20+ HC - i am not back spinning anything - but the *feel* was great and I felt I could control where the ball stopped.


Off the putter - probably my favorite part of the 330RX, It just felt so soft coming off the face of the putter that it instilled confidence. I averaged 1.5 putts less per round with the Bridgestone than I did my normal ball.


At a retail price of 44.99, I could see myself switching over to the ball as long as I like how the yellow version looks. (I hate marking balls and play yellow so i do not have to worry about hitting the wrong ball)


I look forward to seeing how this ball performs off the tee with my new fitted driver.

Bridgestone Golf 2014 Tour B330 RX Golf Balls

The NEW Tour B330-RX features Hydro Core Technology, designed to reduce spin for longer distance. Combined with Bridgestone's patented 330 Dual Dimple Urethane cover, the B330-RX will provide tour level performance and distance for players who swing below 105 mph.

FeatureNew soft Hydro Core optimized for swing speeds below 105mph 20% thinner Urethane cover reduces spin off the tee and maintains tour level control around the green Mantle layer offsets backspin to increase distance and accuracy
LabelBridgestone Golf
ManufacturerBridgestone Golf
PublisherBridgestone Golf
StudioBridgestone Golf
TitleBridgestone Golf 2014 Tour B330 RX Golf Balls (Pack of 12)
Item Weight1 pounds
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementBDWX6D 1028064-AAA-1-7-B
Package Height1.8 inches
Package Length7.4 inches
Package Weight1.5 pounds
Package Width5.5 inches
UPCList - UPCListElement760778057469
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