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SOLID, great all around ball

A Review On: Bridgestone Golf 2014 Tour B330 RX Golf Balls

Bridgestone Golf 2014 Tour B330 RX Golf Balls

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Pros: Nice flight, nice off the putter, good distance, very durable

Cons: Pricey,more expensive than my normal gamer

When I was picked to test these balls out I was elated.  I have only one experience with Bridgestone balls and that was the 2010 e-5.  I was definitely dissatisfied with those balls.  Felt like hitting rocks.  I was quite pleasantly surprised with the new Tour B330RX.


I will break this down to 5 different categories: Distance, Spin, Putting, Durability and Overall Feelings.  


A little background on me.  I am about a 20 handicap, shoot mid 90's but can score as low as mid 80's or up to 110.  My swing speed with driver is about 98-100.  My normal gamer is a Callaway Chrome +.


Distance:  I think that the distance was similar to what I am used to.  I love how the ball felt off of all my clubs.  It has a nice mid high trajectory but I never felt that the ball was ever ballooning on me.  My normal gamer the Chrome + was longer on drives, but about neck to neck compared to irons, hybrids and fairway woods.  


Spin:  I felt that the Bridgestone definitely checked up on the green and had little to no roll out on half and full wedge shots.  The true test for me was 150-200 out shots.  The Bridgestone actually performed a little better than my Chrome + as far as roll out after hitting the green with longer shots.


Putting:  Now that we are on the green lets putt.  I felt the ball had a true roll and did not feel too soft or firm.  Putting is all about feel and sound and although the sound off the putter wasn't unpleasant, I just didn't care for it.  I like a muted click.  The Bridgestone Tour B330RX was louder than I like.  I can probably get used to it but I love how the Chrome+ feels off the putter.


Durability:  This ball lasts and lasts and lasts.  I played a total of 2 1/2 rounds before I retired 1 ball in a lake.  It didn't matter if it was a full wedge or half wedge shot this ball just took it.  Even when it received cart path love the scuff was minimal. I am definitely impressed


Overall Feelings:  I really really liked this ball and it does not disappoint.  I gave a sleeve to one of my normal playing partners and he loved it as much if not more than his normal gamer Bridgestone e-6.  I will definitely give Bridgestone another look.  I was so disappointed with the e-5 that I tried I didn't think I would ever consider a Bridgestone ball.  The only thing holding me back is the price.  I am not comfortable spending on the Pro-V1 level for balls yet.  But I definitely think I will give the e-5/e-6/e-7 family another chance.


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