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My take on the Bridgestone B330 RXS

A Review On: Bridgestone Golf 2014 Tour B330 RX Golf Balls

Bridgestone Golf 2014 Tour B330 RX Golf Balls

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Pros: Durabiltity

Cons: Driver Spin

This will be short and sweet.

- Spin
Approach shots: Everything -- and I mean EVERYTHING -- stopped and grabbed immediately (from wedge to 5-iron).
Around the greens: GREAT, allowing to be aggressive going at pins if short-sided.

- Feel/sound
I'm not picky in this area, but had zero complaints.

- Distance
Off the tee: My spin rate is a little high anyway, so I didn't get great distance off the tee. But based on other attributes of the ball, it's well worth it.

- Durability
I saved this for last because I think it's important. I found the B330 RSX to be absolutely SUPERIOR in terms of durability. Compared to ProV1's, the Bridgestone was much more durable unless you hit a tree at close range or bounced one off a cart path.

It doesn't seem like I play a ProV more than 6-8 holes without it looking like it needs to be retired. In comparison, I found the B330 RX to last much better.


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