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B330RXS with Hydrocore is a Premium Golf Ball

A Review On: Bridgestone Golf 2014 Tour B330 RXS Golf Balls

Bridgestone Golf 2014 Tour B330 RXS Golf Balls

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Mark B
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Pros: Distance (all clubs), Spin, Durability

Cons: Feel is a little too soft for my taste, but I got past that once it performed

I was fortunate enough to be chosen by TST to test out the new 2014 Bridgestone B330 line of golf balls featuring Hydrocore technology. I have played 3 round of golf so far and have hit a variety of shots under various conditions. This golf ball rates up there with my previous gamer the ProV1x in all areas except for feel. My personal preference is to hear a solid "click" on impact and this ball being as soft as it is, does not produce that. It is especially noticeable on putts and chips where I really like to hear that sound. However once I put the RXS into play, I quickly got past that issue and just enjoyed the performance of the ball. As stated in my Pros above, the RXS performed very well for me on all shots. This ball (and I assume the whole B330 line) is very durable too. I played all 3 rounds using one ball each and I could not tell the used ball from the new ones and I use the latest in spin groove technology on all my wedges. I highly recommend this golf ball for those whose swing speed is less than 105 mph and a desire for lots of spin around the greens. Bridgestone is onto something with the Hydrocore. You can see all the information on this online. The bottom line is that RXS is my new ball of choice.


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