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Bridgestone Golf 2014 Tour B330 S Golf Balls

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #3 in Golf Balls


Pros: Durable, Soft, Great Spin, Inspires Confidence.

Cons: Shorter than other top market balls I've previously used.

I've been using this ball for the past 10-15 rounds as I wanted to make sure I did a quality test before providing a review.  I found this ball to be durable but with a soft feel.  As mentioned in the Pros, I found it to be great for my iron game from about 6 iron on up to the 60 degree wedge.  The feel of the ball and the spin around the green made me comfortable in taking high risk shots and I was provided with great results.  I was able to get really good spin feedback even on harder/dry greens and this allowed me to be more aggressive with my play. 


I found the workability of the ball to be similar to other similarly priced golf balls and had no problem getting this ball to fade or draw.  I am a higher handicap golfer but was still able to work this ball around the course without much difficulty.


The only real issue I had was the loss of yardage, especially with my driver.  I generally was losing 5-10 yards in comparison to similarly priced golf balls.  This may not be an issue to some but I only have average length in the best of times so losing up to 10 yards effected my game at times.  If you are a longer hitter, then I would highly recommend this ball, as I feel that its durability alone sets it apart.


Even for average hitters, I would recommend this ball, as I felt like it gave me great control around the green and inspired my play in short game areas.


Pros: Spin On Short Shots & Feel Around The Greens

Cons: Slight Loss Of Distance

I was selected through the Sand Trap to test the new 2014 Bridgestone Golf Balls.  One of the requirements to get a dozen balls was to use the BFit technology on Bridgestone's website.  The BFit paired me with the B330-S.  I have been a purchaser of the B330-RX for the last few years, but was never fitted for it.  The recommended cutoff point for Bridgestone is 105 mph swing speed and mine is slightly less that that.  The B330-S is designed for swing speeds over 105 mph, but since I was fitted with it by the BFit, I gave it a go.


I definitely agree with Bridgestone on the 105 mph plus swing speed for these balls.  If I didn't make a great swing at these balls, it felt like I was hitting a rock with my club.  Lost a good amount of distance, probably because of my slower swing speed and not the ball (I'll move on from swing speed).  When I did put a great swing on the ball my drives were almost as long as my usual drives. I let my buddy take a few swings at these balls because he has a swing speed more suited for the B330-S.  He was amazed at the feel of the ball and did not have any issues with being able to compress the ball.  He felt like I did that the ball was fairly close to his usual ball in length. 


The side spin on my drives and long iron shots was not as drastic as I have seen from other high end golf balls. Which is great because some other spin balls out there are almost impossible for me to control.  My accuracy in my drives, long shots and approach shots was very impressive.  Most of the time I was keeping my ball between the trees which usually doesn't happen with other spin balls, which is the reason I have shyed away from spin balls in the past.


My favorite aspect of the B330-S was my ability to control the ball on approach shots and around the green.  The majority of my approach shots would almost stop dead on the green or give a little backspin if I were hitting a SW or GW.  It gave me a lot of confidence knowing that I could put my ball near the hole without having to worry about roll out off of the green or into a bunker.  It was very easy to control all of my short game shots with these balls, and the feel around the greens was tremendous.  I don't notice a big difference with most golf balls when putting and these felt like the majority of balls I have played in the past.


Another positive about the B330-S golf balls is their durability. I played 3 rounds with these balls and never saw a cut, scrape or blemish from hitting a tree, cart path, or from regular usage.  This is very important to me, because nothing bothers me more than a golf ball looking like it's been beat up after only playing 1+ rounds with it.


I definitely think this ball is a great high end ball for golfers with swing speeds over 105 mph. This ball reaffirms the reasons why I have played with Bridgestone balls for the last 2 years.  I am going to continue using the B330-S as well as the B330-RX.  I am also going to give the RX-S a try as well.


Pros: Great feel and spin.

Cons: Lost a LITTLE distance w/ driver

As others have said, the ball spins like mad! It feels REALLY soft, even off the putter. I loved the feel off my irons and wedges because I knew I'd get tons of check and only a little roll out with long irons. 


I have used the balls for 3 rounds now, and I can definitely say that I lose 5-10 yards with my driver compared to the normal ball I use. The roll out kinda disappears. I have recently been fitted for a new driver that reduced my spin numbers, so the ball is kinda fighting what I'm trying to do with the driver.


They are pretty durable considering how soft they are.


I'm torn on the short game aspect . . I love the way they perform when chipping. At first I loved the way they rolled off the putter, but I'm slowly losing interest in the soft putt feel. Interesting ball, and definitely worth a go if you like the soft feel and have $50 to spend.


I don't have much more to add that others haven't said already, as their in depth reviews are about as accurate as you can get.


Thanks Bridgestone and TST!


Pros: High spin on chips, pitches and wedges, Great sounding ball, Great overall feel

Cons: Quite high spinning off te driver


After being chosen to test the brand new Bridgestone B330-s I was very excited to see what the new ball had to offer. i had been using the Callaway Hex Chrome + before this ball and was interested to see how the spin compared. Now lets get to the review.


Off the tee:

As I walked tot he first tee I did not really know what to think about this golf ball. i had used it before but was never really a fan of the feel of the ball. I stepped to the first tee and hit the ball right off of the center of the club face and saw my ball sail about 260 (with the ball actually jumping back an inch) and I was very impressed. The sound off of the driver was surprisingly soft and sounded perfect to me.  


Long irons and Fairway woods:

Nothing abnormal to report on this. Was not overly impressed with the feel or spin with the long irons or fairway woods. It was fine but nothing special.


Short and Middle irons:

During the round I was surprised multiple times at the way this ball spun. I was bringing the ball back with everything from 7 iron down and could get everything else to one hop and stop.


All I can say is wow, these balls can spin. I could get my wedges to rip back with ease. I was very impressed with the feel and spin off the wedges.



Felt fine off of the putter. Enjoyed the sound but was nothing special.



The ball was pretty durable but the cart path did not get along with it. Had no scratches after coming out of the bunker so I was very happy with that. I had been having an issue with that so this ball got it right.



Good distance but I did lose a little bit of distance due to the extra spin. The small loss was no bigger than 3 yards


Launch Angle

Launch was good and exactly where I would expect a spin golf ball to be.




Pros: High-spin, durable, confidence-inspiring ball

Cons: A bit shorter

I was one of the lucky few who got to test the B330S through The Sand Trap, and my overall opinion is that this is an excellent ball. If price is no object, you should really try this out - it performs well, it feels good off irons, and it is surprisingly durable.


Before moving on, let me start with a few caveats. The BFit process paired me with the B330S, and I'm sure that the main reason this happened is that I usually play with the ProV1 or ProV1x (because every birthday and Xmas, my family keep buying more of them for me).  I redid my fitting with the automatic system and put a Srixon Soft Feel in as my 'regular ball', and I got paired with the B330 RX (or the e5, or the e6). A few more qualifiers: I'm a bogey golfer (~14), I'm not long (230-240ish), and I don't get that much spin on my shots - even my 52 degree wedge will often 'release' forward instead of spinning back.


This review is based on a side-by-side, on-the-course comparison with a ProV1x under extremely windy conditions. I also spent a few sessions comparing the B330S and a ProV1x side-by-side at the chipping and putting greens. 


In my experience, I found the B330S to have slightly less spin than the ProV1x, and I found the launch angle to be consistently lower for the B330S.  In terms of distance, the results were mixed, sometimes the B330S was longer, sometimes the Prov1x.  On the other hand, my three longest drives of the day were all with the ProV1x.  The sound of the B330S, for me, is a bit 'thunkier' than 'clicky' - especially when compared to the ProV1x.  It wasn't a bad sound, but it was certainly different, and I noticed the difference most while practicing putts on my living-room carpet. That said, when on the practice green, I found that my groupings were almost always better for the B330S (I can't explain this - it seems to me that there should be no difference between the balls in this respect, but when trying to hit three shots to the same spot, I was somehow more consistent with the B330S than with the ProV1x.  ...psychological?)  Finally, in terms of durability, there is no comparison. After 18 holes, the B330S still looked almost new --- not so the ProV1x (I actually changed out a ProV1x mid-round after a wedge-shot left a nearly dime-sized scuff mark -- no such experience with the B330S).


Now, in honor of the match-play going on right now, I have to say that in my highly uncontrolled, unscientific, unfair test on the course, the ProV1x destroyed the B330S. The winds were a sustained 30mph with gusts into the 60s, and I played two balls from tee-to-hole for 18 holes. The ProV1x won 9 holes to 4 (the others being even) --- 85 for the ProV1x, 91 for the B330S (remember, I'm basically a bogey golfer) - one birdie for the ProV1x, none for the B330S -- two penalties for the ProV1x (both balls OB, but only barely, and I recovered them) none for the B330S. 


The 'match-play' thing is meant as a joke of course -- the numbers are real, but the comparison is unfair and meaningless seeing how it is based on my inconsistent swing.  On the other hand, the wind was howling, and I was trying to play low shots most of the day. In this respect, I found the B330S easier to control -- the low shots I tried seemed to come off better (especially with the driver - less so with the irons).  Although I had a higher score with the B330S, it seemed to perform more consistently -- the ProV1x more erratic (greater variation in ball flight, greater variation in distance).  In this respect, if something serious were on the line, I think I'd prefer the predictability / consistency of the B330S.  That said, I did do better with the ProV1x from right around the green, and this made for a number of easy putts with that ball (but I attribute this, in part, to being much more familiar with how that ball behaves on the greens). 



In the end, the B330S is an outstanding ball. It may not spin as much as the next ball (or it may need a higher swing speed to do so), but it spins enough. It may not be as long as the next ball, but it is long enough.  And it is as durable a ball as I have ever experienced when it comes to higher-end, higher-spin balls. I also found it to be a very consistent/predictable ball, and it was easy for me to keep the ball-flight low on a windy day. If you have the chance, try it out -- you might just like it enough to switch over.  I'm thinking seriously about it (I just want to test the B330RX first too!).


Pros: Lots of spin and cofidence around the greens, very durable.

Cons: Not for short hitters.

I was just recently given the opportunity to test the Bridgestone B330-S balls, and took 3 of them with me to a local par 3 course 3 times and used them for a 13 hole round.


The performance is exactly as advertised, my feeling is that they were fitted too aggressively for me due to the fact that the current balls I use are a so called "distance" ball. They should change the BFit to include mainly swing speed. I think these balls are fit for someone with a 110 swing speed.


Even with a slow swing speed, these babies really perform on the course. I am even thinking of taking them to the course, tomorrow at Goose Creek. I like the softer feel on the approach shots less than 120 yards. Basically PW down to my 60 feel really good. I really like the nice "poof" sound they make off the face with my wedges. Gives me a lot of confidence that the ball will stop, even if I hit it bad.


I am still using the same 3 balls and have not had a chance to do a comprehensive driving distance test. The balls appear to go about 10 yards shorter than my Callaway Hex Control balls (56 Compression), but I did get a few shots past my old ones. Maybe it's just a matter of getting comfortable with them off the tee.


The launch angle is a little more penetrating than my distance balls, and I feel like when I get used to them, they should be a really accurate ball. I should try them out at Goose Creek tomorrow, but I want to keep them untouched for a comprehensive distance evaluation.


The durability is quite nice. I played the equivalent of 39 regulation holes and about 120 par 3 holes ~110 yards long on average with 1 sleeve, and they still look playable.


All in all, this is a great ball, and even at my slower swing speed, it performs very well. A comprehensive distance evaluation is to come, when I can spend an afternoon matching these balls up with some new Titleist ProV1X balls.




This pretty much happened on every hole I compared the B330-S to my distance ball:

Tee shot drives with Bridgestone in the foreground and Callaway Hex Control in the background. This was the longest shot of three B330-S balls. The other two are only about 2 yards behind and off line, and the picture I took including those was blurry. Pace of play was a problem that day and I did not want to be a part of it, so I only hit 3-4 balls per hole. :whistle:


I only hit one brand new Callaway Hex control per hole, where I was testing for distance.


Pros: High spin around the greens, extremely soft, consistent, and very durable

Cons: May be too soft off the putter for some, slight distance loss with my 103 mph swing speed

I was fit to the B330 S using Bridgestone's on-line selection guide.  I was a little surprised at the outcome because my 103 mph driver swing speed is just under their recommended 105mph threshold for this ball.  The on-line fitting was more in-depth than simply asking about swing speed though, so obviously some of the other factors tipped me in this direction.


I've been playing the ProV1 almost exclusively for the past 3 years, so all comparisons are based on that.





This is a 4-piece, Urethane covered, premium ball.  Bright white.....noticeably brighter than the ProV1.  Very clean, unobtrusive logo and a somewhat unique dimple-in-a-dimple pattern that Bridgestone claims produces a more consistent ball flight.  New for 2014 is a "hydro-core" that is supposed to reduce spin with the driver while maintaining high spin rates around the green.




Nice and solid off the driver, woods, and irons without feeling hard.  Soft, but not at all mushy with a nice "click", rather than a "clack".  Putting is a different story.  VERY soft on the green.  Significantly softer off the putter than the ProV1, it really reminded me of a balata ball, to the point that I initially struggled with lag distance control because of the somewhat vague feel off my milled face putter.  After a while, I became used to it but never really came to like it.




Very similar to the ProV1.  Mid-launch and a nice boring trajectory with no real tendency to balloon, even into a breeze.




Similar to the ProV1 off the irons.....maybe just a tad less with the driver, which is exactly what Bridgestone says that they want to accomplish with the Hydro core technology.  Very consistent and controllable.  Mid-irons and hybrids stop very quickly.  Wedges back up, but nothing inordinate for what I'm used to with the ProV1.  Very soft and spinny around the green.  Pitches can be thrown right at the pin, and assuming they were struck properly, they're going to hop and stop dead.  Even chips seemed to grab just a little more than I'm used to, and I left some chips short as a result until I adjusted.




This is where I think my couple of mph lower swing speed impacted performance.  Maybe 10 yards shorter than the ProV1 with the driver, and a half-club with hybrids and mid-irons.  No real difference in wedges, but then other than the PW, I seldom hit a full wedge and I had no trouble with partial wedge distance control.




This is one tough ball.  The top ball below is brand new.  The bottom ball has been played 2 rounds.  No shredding with a wedge, and even the occasional unfortunate encounter with a tree leaves only a minor blemish.  Even one unfortunate skip off a paved cart path left only a small scrape.  Nothing to affect playability at all and so far, no loss of brightness in the color.






Overall I was very pleased with the ball.  I'll be trying the B330 RXS to see if I regain the little bit of distance loss and also hope for just a little firmer feel off the putter, but anyone considering a high spin, premium ball should definitely put this one on their short list.


Pros: Excellent Distance, True on putting

Cons: Durability, Not a ball to use for chipping

What I received:  Bridgestone’s Tour B330-S:  Tour performance with more spin and swing speeds greater than 105 MPH.  Tested on 2/8/2014, Bonita Golf Course by three golfers.


First some eye candy of the new packaging.  And some close up photos of the ball itself.



The golfer’s bags:

Golfer 1 – TaylorMade Speedblade Irons, Callaway XHot driver, Callaway Xhot fairway 3 Wood, Cobra Baller T-Rayl 3 Hybrid, and TaylorMade Ghost putter.  Usually plays whatever is the more affordable Titleist ball.

Golfer 2 – TaylorMade Rocketballz irons, Callaway Xhot2 Driver, TaylorMade Stage 2 (3 & 5) fairway wood, Nickent 3 hybrid, and Odyssey blade putter.  Usually plays Titleist NXT Tour.

Golfer 3 – Mix bag of Callaway irons/woods/driver.  Usually plays Noodle.


Longest Drive:

My best drive was measured by GPS at 280 on a flat fairway, this is about five yards longer than any other ball I have utilized using the same course and driver.



Golfer 1 – Great ball all around.  If you hit the ball solid, it made an awesome sound.  If the ball was not hit properly, there is even a sound for that!  You could feel the ball explode off of the club face.

Golfer 2 – Great for driving but did not like the feel around the green/chipping on green.  Putting was good.  Liked the sound of the ball.

Golfer 3 – Much of the same comments as golfer 2.  Great for driving but did not like the feel around the green/chipping on green.  Putting was good.  Liked the sound of the ball.  Very soft feel ball.  He did not like the fact it was easily scuffed.


Spin - 8/10

Durability - 5/10

Feel/Sound - 9/10

Distance - 9/10

Launch Angel - 9/10


Lastly, I wanted to thank Bridgestone for allowing us to play the 2014 edition of this ball.  If I have this ball in my bag, it will be used for any shots that require my driver! 

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Bridgestone Golf 2014 Tour B330 S Golf Balls

The NEW Tour B330-S features Hydro Core Technology, designed to reduce spin for longer distance. Combined with Bridgestone's patented soft 330 Dual Dimple Urethane cover and 4-piece construction, the B330-S will provide tour level performance and spin for players who swing above 105 mph.

FeatureNew Hydro Core optimized for swing speeds above 105mph Re-engineered Dual Mantle design reduces spin for longer distance Very soft Tour proven Urethane cover for extra greenside control and spin
LabelBridgestone Golf
ManufacturerBridgestone Golf
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