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A very good spin filled golf ball

A Review On: Bridgestone Golf 2014 Tour B330 S Golf Balls

Bridgestone Golf 2014 Tour B330 S Golf Balls

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Pros: High spin on chips, pitches and wedges, Great sounding ball, Great overall feel

Cons: Quite high spinning off te driver


After being chosen to test the brand new Bridgestone B330-s I was very excited to see what the new ball had to offer. i had been using the Callaway Hex Chrome + before this ball and was interested to see how the spin compared. Now lets get to the review.


Off the tee:

As I walked tot he first tee I did not really know what to think about this golf ball. i had used it before but was never really a fan of the feel of the ball. I stepped to the first tee and hit the ball right off of the center of the club face and saw my ball sail about 260 (with the ball actually jumping back an inch) and I was very impressed. The sound off of the driver was surprisingly soft and sounded perfect to me.  


Long irons and Fairway woods:

Nothing abnormal to report on this. Was not overly impressed with the feel or spin with the long irons or fairway woods. It was fine but nothing special.


Short and Middle irons:

During the round I was surprised multiple times at the way this ball spun. I was bringing the ball back with everything from 7 iron down and could get everything else to one hop and stop.


All I can say is wow, these balls can spin. I could get my wedges to rip back with ease. I was very impressed with the feel and spin off the wedges.



Felt fine off of the putter. Enjoyed the sound but was nothing special.



The ball was pretty durable but the cart path did not get along with it. Had no scratches after coming out of the bunker so I was very happy with that. I had been having an issue with that so this ball got it right.



Good distance but I did lose a little bit of distance due to the extra spin. The small loss was no bigger than 3 yards


Launch Angle

Launch was good and exactly where I would expect a spin golf ball to be.




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