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A Review On: Bridgestone Golf 2014 Tour B330 S Golf Balls

Bridgestone Golf 2014 Tour B330 S Golf Balls

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Pros: Spin On Short Shots & Feel Around The Greens

Cons: Slight Loss Of Distance

I was selected through the Sand Trap to test the new 2014 Bridgestone Golf Balls.  One of the requirements to get a dozen balls was to use the BFit technology on Bridgestone's website.  The BFit paired me with the B330-S.  I have been a purchaser of the B330-RX for the last few years, but was never fitted for it.  The recommended cutoff point for Bridgestone is 105 mph swing speed and mine is slightly less that that.  The B330-S is designed for swing speeds over 105 mph, but since I was fitted with it by the BFit, I gave it a go.


I definitely agree with Bridgestone on the 105 mph plus swing speed for these balls.  If I didn't make a great swing at these balls, it felt like I was hitting a rock with my club.  Lost a good amount of distance, probably because of my slower swing speed and not the ball (I'll move on from swing speed).  When I did put a great swing on the ball my drives were almost as long as my usual drives. I let my buddy take a few swings at these balls because he has a swing speed more suited for the B330-S.  He was amazed at the feel of the ball and did not have any issues with being able to compress the ball.  He felt like I did that the ball was fairly close to his usual ball in length. 


The side spin on my drives and long iron shots was not as drastic as I have seen from other high end golf balls. Which is great because some other spin balls out there are almost impossible for me to control.  My accuracy in my drives, long shots and approach shots was very impressive.  Most of the time I was keeping my ball between the trees which usually doesn't happen with other spin balls, which is the reason I have shyed away from spin balls in the past.


My favorite aspect of the B330-S was my ability to control the ball on approach shots and around the green.  The majority of my approach shots would almost stop dead on the green or give a little backspin if I were hitting a SW or GW.  It gave me a lot of confidence knowing that I could put my ball near the hole without having to worry about roll out off of the green or into a bunker.  It was very easy to control all of my short game shots with these balls, and the feel around the greens was tremendous.  I don't notice a big difference with most golf balls when putting and these felt like the majority of balls I have played in the past.


Another positive about the B330-S golf balls is their durability. I played 3 rounds with these balls and never saw a cut, scrape or blemish from hitting a tree, cart path, or from regular usage.  This is very important to me, because nothing bothers me more than a golf ball looking like it's been beat up after only playing 1+ rounds with it.


I definitely think this ball is a great high end ball for golfers with swing speeds over 105 mph. This ball reaffirms the reasons why I have played with Bridgestone balls for the last 2 years.  I am going to continue using the B330-S as well as the B330-RX.  I am also going to give the RX-S a try as well.


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