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Soft Durable Ball That is Great Around the Green

A Review On: Bridgestone Golf 2014 Tour B330 S Golf Balls

Bridgestone Golf 2014 Tour B330 S Golf Balls

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Pros: Durable, Soft, Great Spin, Inspires Confidence.

Cons: Shorter than other top market balls I've previously used.

I've been using this ball for the past 10-15 rounds as I wanted to make sure I did a quality test before providing a review.  I found this ball to be durable but with a soft feel.  As mentioned in the Pros, I found it to be great for my iron game from about 6 iron on up to the 60 degree wedge.  The feel of the ball and the spin around the green made me comfortable in taking high risk shots and I was provided with great results.  I was able to get really good spin feedback even on harder/dry greens and this allowed me to be more aggressive with my play. 


I found the workability of the ball to be similar to other similarly priced golf balls and had no problem getting this ball to fade or draw.  I am a higher handicap golfer but was still able to work this ball around the course without much difficulty.


The only real issue I had was the loss of yardage, especially with my driver.  I generally was losing 5-10 yards in comparison to similarly priced golf balls.  This may not be an issue to some but I only have average length in the best of times so losing up to 10 yards effected my game at times.  If you are a longer hitter, then I would highly recommend this ball, as I feel that its durability alone sets it apart.


Even for average hitters, I would recommend this ball, as I felt like it gave me great control around the green and inspired my play in short game areas.


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