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Bridgestone True Balance Putter - Solid Performer

A Review On: Bridgestone True Balance Putter

Bridgestone True Balance Putter

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Pros: Feel, looks, headcover

Cons: Grip - durability and hard to keep clean

Bridgestone “True Balance” Putter Review





Recently Bridgestone released a putter line called True Balance.  This line of putters is quite different from just about any on the market today.  I am sure most of you have heard about the “counter balance” putters.  Bridgestone calls this line their “counter” counter balance putters.  Instead


of moving weight to the grip end, Bridgestone has done their best to make the grip and shaft as light as possible while moving weight to the head.  They claim superior feel and connection to the head, resulting in better speed and distance control.  When given the opportunity to review one of


these putters, I was happy to oblige.


Does it work?  How does it really feel?  Is this the wave of the future for putters?  Hopefully we can answer those questions.





The True Balance Putter comes in three styles TD-01, TD-02, TD-03 (from right).





The 01 and 02 are mallet style, and the 03 is a blade style.  The weight is the same for all models of heads – 360 grams.  Stock length is 34’’, with the option to go up or down 2’’ in ½’’ increments.  Swing weight comes in at F1.  You also have the option for a standard grip (3cm x 2cm taper) or an


oversize grip (4cm x 3cm).  The putter I received had a graphite shaft with the larger foam grip.



Bridgestone sent me the TD-01.  This is a mallet style putter with the plumbers neck.  The head looks like a fairly standard mallet putter, and the alignment aid was simple and easy to use.   




The bottom of the putter is pretty clean with the name and model.




The graphite shaft definitely had a different look than I was used to as I have only used putters with steel shafts.  This may take a bit of getting used to (looks wise), but if the performance is there, I can quickly get past something that insignificant.  Grip was bright yellow and definitely stood out.  I


have some concerns with it getting dirty and being hard to wash, but it will take some time to find that out.





The headcover is very nice.  Looks sharp and the velcro back makes for easy access.






Ok, let’s get down to business.  How does this putter perform?  Does moving the weight to the head really help with feel as Bridgestone claims?  Can it work as well as they say?


With the balance point less than 5’’ from the sole the golfer is supposed to gain feel and connection with the putter head, improving speed and distance control.





After hitting all different length putts, I have to say these claims are true.  I certainly had a good feel for where the head was at during all aspects of the swing (backswing, downswing, impact, follow-through).  While I can’t state it helped me hit straighter putts on my short ones it was certainly no


worse, and the distance control was good.  At first, I was consistently leaving them short.  They were still all very close though.  Once I made the adjustment,  I was continually lagging long putts close from all over the practice green.  Uphill, side hill, downhill you name it, the True Balance came




I could use more practice with reading putts and starting them on my intended line, but the third key to putting (speed) is where this putter really shines.  I don’t know if I will ever be a good enough putter to consistently drain longer putts, but if you take 3 putts off of my scorecard, I know I can drop


strokes.  It helps with confidence in all aspects of my game if I feel I can 2 putt from anywhere on the green, and I am starting to feel that with the True Balance in my bag.



I have tried out many putters over the years, but have never liked one enough to take the place in my bag of my old Odyssey.  As of now, the True Balance may do that.  I plan on keeping track of how my putting goes for a while to be sure, but it appears my Odyssey may be on the shelf in the


garage for good.  I realize putters can be personal, so I will probably continue experimenting to be sure.  For it to even be in picture though, shows my feelings about it.


One of the first questions I posed was about this putters technology becoming the wave of the future.  While I don’t have an answer for that, based off of the fact that it worked for me, I can see how it could become more common.  This putter performed solidly for me, and could help you as well.

1 Comment:

Nice review.  Could you give your thoughts on the grip?  You mentioned that the test putter had the oversize grip...do you usually use a similar size grip, or do you typically use a standard size grip?  Did it take some getting used to or any adjustments, or were you able to make the transition easily?

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