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Light weight dual pupose towel

A Review On: BrushWorks Golf Bag Towel with Groove Brush

BrushWorks Golf Bag Towel with Groove Brush

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Pros: environmentally friendly and recyclable, if you are into that, soft towel, no searching for that toothbrush we all lose off of our bag

Cons: brush is a little big to clean clubs

I received the BrushWorks towel to review last week.


First impression was the softness and weight of the towel. I have become accustomed to a much heavier towel hanging off of my bag - not a huge deal since walking does not happen around here, but nice anyway. If the towel did not have the brush on it, it would become the one I carry onto the green. But, since I usually have my green towel hanging out of my back pocket - I am pretty sure the brush would poke at me while putting.


As for the brush itself - my only complaint would be that it is a bit large for club cleaning. I had my friends all use it during my round and the consensus was that it was too large to easily clean the club grooves. However, it was a lot easer than searching for that toothbrush thing that always seems to either break off of my bag or find it's way into a pocket or behind the bag.


The best way I found to use the brush was to use the outside bristles vs. using the whole brush.


Overall, I would say that the BrushWorks towel is fairly priced and would be an item that many would enjoy having on their bag.


1 Comment:

Thank you for the review - the bristles appear too large to easily clean clubs. When I first saw the bristles, I thought they were for cleaning grass from the bottom of your shoes - they appear that large. If I were brushworks, I would integrate a firm brush (or even 2) with small bristles into the towel with a small handle to grab on the back of the towel so one can easily clean clubs.