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Bugle Tee Reviews

Positive Reviews


Durable Long Life Golf Tee


Pros: Perfect for a driver

Cons: Too tall for any other club

In April I purchased the Bugle Tee after hearing positive things about it on XM Raido / PGA Tour Network. I decided to purchase two packs of the Twin pack.  The Twin pack included the following items:   1x 3 1/4" Tee 1x 2 3/4" Tee   I bought two packs because I figured if I lost one - or one happened to break, I would have a replacement tee of the same height. The tee is great to hit with a driver because it has a tee setter built into it - and you get the perfect tee height every single time.  At least a perfect tee height for my driver.   The Bugle Tee is guaranteed to last for life - if it breaks or fails, you send the tee back to...
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Negative Reviews


Good product that could be great


Pros: Consistent height, durable, easy to use

Cons: One size does not fit all

I tested out the 3 1/4" and 2 3/4 bugle tees. I started my test by teeing up some balls using my normal tee height and comparing to the bugle tees. For me the 3 1/4" tee was about 1/8" higher than I normally tee my driver. The 2 3/4" tee was too short to be of any use to me - too short for my driver and too high for my fairway woods.   I hit about 50 balls at the range with the driver. True to their claims, the bugle tee was completely unharmed. I really like this tee for range use as its quick to setup and takes the guess work out of teeing the ball up. Anything that helps make your practice more consistent gets a thumbs up in my book. Next I took it out on the course for 18....
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More Reviews


Not in my bag, but great for the range


Pros: GREAT RANGE TEE, Durable, consistent height

Cons: can't adjust height, difficult to place in the ground

After using this tee for a range session and 2 round, i'm confident that I won't be using it permanently in my bag (during rounds of golf anyways).   The Bugle tee is a great idea, but it falls short in a few areas. On the plus side, you won't have to buy bags of tees anymore. Mine has taken no damage after a good long range session and 2 rounds of golf and I'm sure it won't break anytime soon (they claim it is the only tee you will ever need). Also, you always have a consistent height when you tee up the ball, and I found the tall tee (3 1/4") to be at the perfect height for my typical drive.   On the other hand though, that consistent height is also a huge let down....
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I mostly liked it... will continue to use it and may buy another


Pros: consistent height

Cons: only good for driver, not adjustable

These tees come in two heights..2 3/4" & 3 1/4". Luckily the shorter on is the height I like for my driver.  Once I learn how to hit up on the ball  bit more perhaps the longer one will come into play.  I still have to rely on finding broken tees on the tee box to hit irons/hybrids/3 woods off the tee as these are only good for drivers.  It is nice to only have to have on in your pocket althought it takes a bit to get used to the size (but it is easier in the pocket than the brush tee).  the one thing that is not good for is cleaning the grooves of your irons as the tip is a softer rubber than wood, etc and a bit thicker and not up to the job. ...
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Good but Not for Me


Pros: Durable, Consistent Height

Cons: Can't adjust height, looks lame, too tall

I'm not one that's beholden to tradition for the sake of tradition, so I looked forward to trying these tees out. If there's one problem with the three-pronged Zero Friction tees I use now it's that they are sometimes difficult to set a ball on, requiring a little adjustment to how straight the tee is put in the ground. But the Zero Friction tees also don't break very often at all, and that's one of the big selling points of the Bugle Tee.   The other selling point is that the tee height is consistently the same. Unfortunately, even the 2 3/4" tee is too tall for my driver on most occasions, and there are no tees short enough for clubs meant to be hit with a downward...
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The Bugle Tee is a simple, effective design.


Pros: Tee your ball up at the same height every time. Durable - you only need to keep one in your pocket.

Cons: Too tall for anything but a driver. A little bulky in your pocket.

The tees come in two heights, 2 3/4" and 3 1/4" and several colors.  I only used the shorter one for my driver as the taller one is too high.  It has a little flange at the bottom of the bugle portion of the tee that allows you to tee the ball up at the exact same height every time.  If you like to vary your tee height to hit it higher or lower then this is not the tee for you.  Also, expect to get asked about it every round as well because it's so unusual looking.  It was a little awkward putting my ball on the ground because I normally hold the ball in my palm and the tee between my fingers and place them together.  Because the bugle is rubber, I was...
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